Based on the materials of the prestigious printed magazine, iGaming Business, the Slotegrator team has prepared a list of ongoing sports betting trends in 2018, which will increase the customer flow on your website.

Today there are many tactics to keep visitors on your betting website longer as well as to improve customer traffic on it. The following recommendations from the leading gambling experts are to help operators improve the broadcasts of sports competitions and open up more betting opportunities.

Looking forward

According to an American technology conglomerate, Cisco, 80% of overall Internet users will prefer video content in 2019, which is due to increased interest. For example, the well-known betting supplier, SIS Greyhound, broadcasts live greyhound races alternating them with virtual ones. Each session lasts for three minutes and is repeated during the whole day. This strategy has remarkably increased time spent by bettors on the site, as well as a number of bets placed.

Solution: Always strive to offer the customers something new, more innovative, that has no competition in the marketplace. Your goal is to meet customer wishes: results come to those who act while others are discovering.

No-registration future

Following the success of casino sites with no registration, we can see that such a format brings much more convenient, safer and faster gambling experience. Those gambling sites with no registration needed will soon become common in the betting industry. Operators who do not offer a smooth registration and deposit flow will remain behind their competitors.

Solution: Mandatory registration on the web site peels apart some potential customers. Abandoning it will significantly increase your user reach.

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Placing bets via banner ads

Imagine that you are surfing the Internet, perhaps reading the news about your favourite football team. And the next thing you see is a banner ad offering to bet on today's game. You make a book on your much-fancied team right through the banner (without visiting the main betting resource) and transfer money through a convenient payment system. If your team wins, you visit the bookmaker website and withdraw your winning directly to your bank account.

There could be no more comfortable way of betting on sports, as there is no need to register an account or even leave the website you are currently visiting. These advanced innovations will make it possible to buy a pair of shoes directly through the advertising banner or to buy tickets for various events faster. This is a thing of the tomorrow, which will affect not only sports betting but also online gambling.

Solution: Making bets through the banner or other elements placed on someone else's resource provides the perfect opportunity not only to attract new players, but also to increase the number of bets.

The founder and CEO of Colossus Bets, Bernard Marantelli, saw an opportunity to revolutionise the sports betting industry with the aim to boost the involvement of users. Today, his company Colossus Sports Pools cooperates with more than 50 operators around the world including Betler, Betclic and Nairabet.

Young & Crazy

Today, when launching new betting projects, it is necessary to focus on the young audience, taking into account their preferences and the most relevant innovations. The key point is that, regardless of the product, the audience is very volatile. Experts suggest developing such gaming content that will live up to the expectations of young users based on current trends. Since the old-school players got their first betting experience on the racetrack, the young people made the first bet using smartphones.

Today's generation does care about how brands represent their values, promote their social status and provide a product with many opportunities.

Solution: No wonder they say the future is for the young. When creating new products always focus on the preference of the youngsters, and do not skip the wishes of older generations though.

Ambition for the West

The current situation in the betting market will not be complete without mentioning the legalisation of betting activities in the United States. On June 7, New Jersey passed a law that legalises and regulates sports betting. According to the casino bill, horse racing and sports betting will be taxed at 8.5%. Online betting — at 13%. This decision will not only have a positive impact on the country's economy, but will also provide an opportunity for bookmakers to carry out legal gambling activities in the state.

Solution: The U.S. is a global leader, so the goal of many forward-thinking operators is to enter the American betting market.

What is the future of betting?

Today, sports betting shows rapid development. However, if the sports betting industry has already reached such a level, what should we expect in the near future?

Undoubtedly, the development and popularity of betting directly depend on the customer interest. The opportunity to watch matches of your favourite teams via the Internet without leaving home attracts more and more people. From this, it follows that the future is obviously for the virtual sports betting. It is safe, fast, simple and legal. The Internet allows you to watch broadcasts of tournaments or matches. Now for many players, sports betting is not just gambling, but also the main income source. Consequently, an increase in the number of virtual betting shops and rapid developments in the betting industry is, therefore, expected in the nearest future.