How to make online lottery popular and profitable?

Lottery has been considered one of the most accessible and popular forms of gambling all over the world for several millennia. The first mention about lottery goes back to Ancient China. The legends said that ancient people used to entertain themselves in a way that could be linked to the well-known keno nowadays. The only exception was that the hieroglyphs were used instead of modern numbers.

Today lotteries are impressive in their types, each of which is interesting in own way. Online lotteries have emerged at the time of the Internet technologies development and quickly gained popularity in online casinos.

Given the respectable following of the lottery business, the Slotegrator team has decided to give some tips to operators to make their online lottery a success.

Target audience

Since the online lottery sector is actively evolving and becoming a cut-throat industry, each operator should think outside the box to corner the market. To do this, first of all, you need to focus on the age of players.

As a rule, lottery players are young people aged 18-30 years. More mature gamblers rarely test their luck in lotteries. Based on these data, it is necessary to think through the design, interface functions, game mechanics and prizes distributed to the winners.

Mobile version

Gamblers usually don’t stop playing if they are away from their computers. And lotteries are no exception! Therefore, it is important to give gamblers the opportunity to enjoy their favourite game anywhere and anytime. Thus, a friendly mobile version of the lottery could boost the user engagement. It allows playing on your smartphone or tablet at any time, even with poor Internet connection.

Along with other games (slots, sports betting), lotteries allow operators to diversify their gaming libraries and engage a large number of gamblers.

Social media

Developing brand awareness through popular social platforms provides beneficial advantages for gambling business. First, it makes players feel safe and reduces the fear of being cheated. Secondly, it increases the credibility of the operator and its brand.

Another great advantage of social lottery is the ability to easily hold draws, tournaments and other interactive games to encourage players’ participation. However, this great alternative to gambling is banned within some countries. In fact, lotteries help attract players from different countries and thus increasing the popularity of the gambling brand at the international level.

Tested software

When choosing online lotteries, you should direct your attention to the stature of software supplier company. In order not to undermine goodwill of the gambling resource, it is better to work with the proven providers that will not rise a red flag.

One of the leading developers of gambling software is InBet Games. When it comes to creating software, the provider focuses on the needs of the gambling market and the legislation of different countries. For more than 15 years, InBet Games has presented more than 100 gambling business solutions, which are actively used in 42 countries. In particular, keno and bingo are popular certified developments of the provider. They can be added into an online casino in just a single integration through APIgtator service.

As an operator, choosing a licensed software, you will protect your gambling project from fraud, as well as increase its reputation and profitability.

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