SEO stands for "search engine optimization." SEO provides a set of measures to promote the search results position of your website. The primary purpose of the system is to bring the site to the TOP to attract as many target visitors as possible. Search engine optimization is a reliable solution to promote online casino projects on the Internet.

SEO is one of the main tools of digital marketing in the 21st century.

The purpose of any search engine is to offer the user a search result that meets the original request at most. Therefore, if the search engine detects that a web resource uses some manipulations, it may face such sanctions – as lowering rating positions or the system proofs if the resource uses some kinds of manipulations. It threatens the lowering of the rating position or even content exclusion from the general search results. So, SEO strategy should be built correctly and carried out by competent specialists.

How to optimize online casino platforms to achieve productive work with arbitrators

To lead the search results ranking in the shortest time possible, operators are ready to take any financial expenditures. To get the desired traffic, they seek for help from SEO agencies, involve webmasters and arbitrators. Yet, without proper base for productive work, the result will be hardly noticeable. For example, the operator loses about 80% of traffic due to the lack of mobile version/app of the site. These are real users who prefer to play via mobile devices. Thus, we offer you to take a look at some important factors. One must consider them before starting collaboration with webmasters.

Adaptive landing page, mobile version of a website, mobile accessibility

Good offer, smooth operation of the casino site, a wide range of games, high-quality technical support are the factors that significantly increase the traffic. Still, if the gambling site is not adaptive or does not have a full mobile version, then it threatens the loss of more than half of the real users. It is worth remembering that mobile applications are the new black nowadays. Every day, the number of mobile users is growing. Thus, to increase casino traffic, an advertiser must offer mobile version – fully optimized, with fast download speed and the ability to run on any browser on 3G.

Speed optimization of landing page

The optimal loading time of the landing page should be 1-2 seconds. A three-second download is equal to losing 10% of active users; 15 seconds ㄧ very critical for traffic. In this case, most users do not wait until the page is loaded, close it and go to the competitors. Thus, loading speed is extremely important to increase traffic.

Sales funnel

Correctly built sales funnel is one of the fundamental elements of getting new traffic. Due to the lack of understanding of the target audience needs, new operators often make a number of serious mistakes. For example, a complicated registration form with many fields deters about 80% of real users. They will close the window at the first stage and go to other casino sites offering a simpler sign-up.

The funnel elements, essential for webmaster:

  • registration;
  • first user experience with platform and game content;
  • first contact with tech support;
  • first deposit;
  • first cash out;
  • mass email sending to motivate the users to repeat deposits.

Well-established work with webmasters

Established contact between the casino or affiliate and webmasters helps avoid all sorts of problems that adversely affect traffic conversion. In such partnership, prompt interconnection is essential. This will prevent customer engagement with the non-working product.

Ad-buys and an opportunity to test the offer

Having the own ad-buying server, an advertiser can check the offer and provide partners with real data about the conversion. If there is no information about the conversion, it puts an inadequate rate, which affects traffic in a negative way.


Summing up, we can say that the “perfect” gambling site for promotion should be adaptive, have a lot of landing pages targeted for different traffic sources, a simple registration form and load fast. The advertiser should provide players with quality support and optimize conversion funnel as well. Taking into account the above factors, the operator will firmly boost the website traffic.