Online casino development is a complex process with many different aspects to consider. These include company registration, business licensing, software integration, and development of the gambling resource.

As a rule, the development of online casino site takes a lot of time and requires a client to compile detailed technical specifications for developers. The website’s final look and interface also depends on how clear you set out your requirements. That is why it is essential to know what and how exactly you should describe your wishes in the technical specification, or in other words, the spec sheet.

To write a spec sheet, first, you need to think over the look of the site, as it is the image of your online casino. Therefore, a well-prepared technical specification should include clear parameters: webpage structure, colour range, font style and size, logos, forms, button shapes, field length for entering personal data, etc.

Secondly, the best way to explain your wishes is to attach visual materials to represent a general idea of the future website. Use as many pictures, videos, graphs, and other visual aids to give a detailed description of your requirements. This will simplify the work with the contractors and help them create an online casino that fully meets your expectations.

To help you understand all the aspects of the development of gaming resource, we have collected some useful recommendations on how to properly write a website specification for online casino.


One of the key components that make up a gaming website is a header. It is usually located in the upper part of the website and is the first thing seen by users. Therefore, to make the header appealing and functional, you have to outline clearly all the elements in the spec sheet: sections, lists, buttons, etc.

Website header should contain:

  1. logo (opens the home page when clicked);
  2. sign-up and sing-in forms (login, password);
  3. button "Remind Password" and "Social Login";
  4. button to switch languages (Russian, English, etc.).

Online casino footer template - Slotegrator

Next, consider the sections of header to navigate your users through the website.

Header sections examples:

  1. games (links to the webpage with games including free demos);
  2. about casino (general information on gambling resource);
  3. cash account (links to webpage to place or withdraw money)
  4. winners (list of the last 10-20 winners at the casino);
  5. bonuses (description of the casino loyalty program and bonuses: first-deposit bonus, birthday, loss bonus, etc.);
  6. license (information about casino license, license number);
  7. contact/support (feedback form for customers).

It is also useful to add a widget to the header, informing about the biggest jackpot at the casino. This will increase the loyalty of the players and encourage them to play on your site.


As a rule, the body is the main part of your gambling site that contains a unique and useful content: games, pictures, videos, advertorials and banners. The quality of visual material on the website decides visibility, relevance and originality of your online casino.

All elements on the body page should look holistically and harmoniously. Thus, it is better to stick with the same style that will emphasize the casino brand and make it stand out among competitors.

No less important factors are quality and colour of graphics/animation. That means that blurry and fuzzy pictures will give users a negative impression of your online casino. At the same time, too coloured and bright pictures will make it more difficult for players to use the website. To avoid such problems, specify the desired resolution and colour of all visual materials in the spec sheet.

How to prepare casino spec sheet - Slotegrator

User Profile

Just like other elements of the website, a user profile must be easy to use. For this purpose, it is necessary to prescribe all its options in the technical specification.

User profile sections:

  1. My profile.
  2. Account.
  3. Deposit.
  4. Money Withdraw
  5. Transaction History.
  6. My bonuses.
  7. Bonus history.
  8. Player level.
  9. Bonus Shop (exchange of loyalty points for real money).
  10. Sign-out


Similar to the header, the footer should contain common but not essential information.

Footer examples:

  1. user agreement (rules for users of the site);
  2. responsible gambling (tips to prevent gambling addiction);
  3. personal data protection (privacy policy used by casino website);
  4. news (information about new games, rule updates, promotions, etc.);
  5. partnership (terms and advantages of business collaboration with your casino);
  6. forum or FAQ (frequently asked questions by players).

Online casino footer template - Slotegrator

In addition, a well-formed footer should contain clickable logos of payment systems available in the online casino.
To create a positive image of the site, you should place widgets of social networks to the footer with active links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Specifying clear requirements for the development of website and providing examples, you can simplify the cooperation with developers. In such a way, you will reduce the number of necessary adjustments as well as financial costs to recover the corrections. Besides, spending your time on a proper technical specification, you will establish the website development process and as a result, launch your online casino in the short run.