"Telegram" is considered as the youngest of current instant messengers, gaining popularity with each passing day. It is distinguished by a full anonymity that is an undeniable advantage for online casinos banned in a number of countries. Therefore, online gambling projects are increasingly establishing their Telegram channels. In addition, there is a natural question: how to promote Telegram channel?

The principle by which online casino Telegram channels are promoted is the same as for any other channel. The difference is in the target audience only. Let us consider the most effective and fastest way to do that. For convenience, we will present it in the form of step-by-step instructions.

Step-by-step guide on Telegram channel promotion


At this stage, you need to create a content: specify the online casino name, give the site address, place some brief information about the games, tournaments, bonuses, prize funds, etc. It will be nice to have photos, videos, illustrations, logos either. However, do not get involved with them as it may cause an overloading of the information channel. There should be only the most important, the most interesting and fascinating content to make potential players to subscribe on and share the channel with others.

After the resource is created, it is necessary to promote Telegram channel with all possible ways. In other words, you need to bring information on it to your potential customers. Modern Internet space suggests several methods to do that.

Invitation of subscribers from social networks

Describe your new channel in social networks and interest groups. Any tools can be applied here: creation of own accounts and thematic communities, commenting the articles and publications, direct advertising. Nevertheless, an obtrusiveness is best avoided in this case. Promotion of the Telegram channel should be carried out in a natural way with no stress.

Mutual promotion

This method of promotion has appeared not so long ago. Its essence lies in the fact that it is necessary to find the most popular Telegram channels with a related target audience and to make a deal with its owner on mutual references. This approach has worked well, but it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that an extremely popular and promoted Telegram channel will not agree it free of charge.

Advertising on popular channels

No doubt, a purchased advertising on social networks, blogs and videohostings, such as YouTube, is considered as a very effective way of promotion, as well as a very costly one in terms of budget. However, a broad coverage of the target audience cannot work without it. Also, it is necessary to place advertising in search services, such as Google AdWords, Yandex.direct, etc.

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In addition, it is useful to place your advertising on those Telegram channels where interests and audience are involved to online casinos. The most effective channels can be searched independently or on the exchanges. One of the most popular is Combot that is in partnership with Sociate.ru. This exchange has already established itself as an effective one.

References at other resources

You can references anywhere. They can be both free and paid. Free links are usually placed in comments at various publics and forums. However, if you start to offtoping and spamming, there is a great chance of being banned by moderators.

Channels catalogs

Catalogs make it easy for users to search for thematic channels, so that it is important to be included to them. As a rule, this service is for charge. Here are some of the popular catalog resources:

  • telegraminfo.ru/category
  • tlgrm.ru/channels
  • tlgrm.pro/channel
  • tgram.ru/channels
  • tgchans.com
  • telegram-club.ru
  • telegram.me/dirtg
  • inten.to
  • tchannels.me
  • catalog-telegram.ru
  • and so on.


This is one of the important components of any Internet project’s promotion. Analytics is necessary to identify the most effective way to interact with the target audience. It shows subscribers’ behavior and your channel’s popularity.

Telegram gives only two metrics: the number of views and the number of subscribers. Unfortunately, standard methods are not able to track their dynamics. Although, on the Internet, you can find many ways how to do it with the help of third-party services or Telegram-bots.

Thus, you will realize whether Telegram’s promotion is effectively performed.


Feedback is an essential part for online casino operation. Moreover, anonymity here only harm. Therefore, be sure to indicate a nickname of channel administrator in Telegram so that a player can start a private chat with him at any time. Also, it will be useful to provide website address, e-mail, support phone numbers. Subscriber can have questions at any moment, and your task here is to give him an opportunity to immediately get in touch, responding to his appeal. Thus, the positive reputation and popularity of your Telegram channel will only grow.


As Slotegrator’s experts note, Telegram has recently become another powerful tool that provides online casinos with an effective way of communication with customers and business development.

On your channel, you can broadcast casino news and promotions. You give a player the opportunity to play with the help of Telegram-bot, as well as provide him with prompt feedback, using live chats. And, these are not all the features of the most secure instant messenger.

Telegram for business is actively developing, and, to go with the times, you cannot set it aside without due attention.

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