Operators have a lot to consider when starting an online casino. One choice potential operators face is whether to create their platform step-by-step or use a ready-to-launch solution. Slotegrator offers three ready-to-launch options: the Turnkey casino, the Ready-Made platform, and the White Label casino, which is a complete solution for online casino operation. Here is a guide on how to launch a White Label casino with Slotegrator.

What is a White Label Casino?

A White Label casino is a solution that integrates a variety of popular games from leading gaming providers and a large number of reliable payment systems. The White Label casino solution includes a gaming license, company incorporation, and the opening of bank and merchant accounts.

One of its main advantages is its fast launch, which saves operators significant amounts of time on platform development and gambling license acquisition.


When a client decides to start a White Label casino with Slotegrator, our experts ask several basic necessary questions. Potential operators should define the budget they are ready to spend on the project, the amount of money they can spend each month on marketing, and the methods they will use to promote the casino and bring in traffic. Then, operators should also provide information about their team and set a business plan for a minimum of half a year. These questions may sound hard for beginners to answer; here, it is important to note that the White Label casino is a solution for operators with experience, who will easily be able to answer the questions and give examples of their already existing projects.

After the basic questions are answered, Slotegrator discusses the conditions of cooperation with the potential client. Here, we talk with the client about the platform’s price, commission rates, monthly payouts, and other financial details.

Then, the client submits their technical specifications. The client should determine the market of operation, the relevant list of providers and payment systems, the casino’s name, the languages that will be supported, and the project’s other details and features.

When everything is agreed, Slotegrator and the new client sign a contract. At this stage, clients can simply wait for the completed project, as Slotegrator is in charge of everything. It registers a company for the client under Slotegrator’s license while technical specialists work on developing the platform. Slotegrator’s team provides technical support, player support, and risk management tools.

After 2-3 months (depending on the platform’s features), clients receive a gambling platform that is ready for successful operation. Clients themselves are only in charge of the platform’s marketing - for example, joining an affiliate program if they want to significantly increase their traffic.

Benefits of the White Label Casino with Slotegrator

  • Rapid launch. Operators get a ready-to-launch casino platform in 2-3 months.
  • Minimum licensing paperwork. Operators do not have to go through the long and complicated license acquisition process, as Slotegrator’s experts take care of it themselves.
  • Games and payment systems. The contracts with game and payment systems providers are conducted directly by Slotegrator. The company integrates the full list of available gaming content providers and payment systems relevant to the market of operation.
  • Customized design. The development of the platform’s design and features is carried out according to clients’ technical specifications.
  • Cost-efficient. As the license is already included, operators can take the money they saved on getting a license, as well as integrating games and payment systems, and invest it into project promotion.

Getting a White Label casino from Slotegrator will help operators successfully launch their online gambling platform in a short time and with minimum paperwork. To learn more about the White Label solution, contact Slotegrator managers.