Gambling is a great way to get away from the daily routine, chill after a working day and have fun. However, some players get engaged so much that they stop differentiating between the virtual and the real. This is how people become addicted to gambling.

It is not easy for the players to cope with problem gambling on their own. This is the reason why online casinos along with psychologists introduce their own methods to fight against gambling addiction or ludomania. Firstly, they want to be sure that all users adequately accept their wins and losses. Secondly, according to the gambling legislation in many countries, operators are obliged to prevent the emergence and development of gambling addiction. Let’s look at the ways of how online casinos should prevent their players from becoming addicted.


Online casinos should introduce the information and education section about responsible gambling on the website. Operators should offer users insights into safe gambling principles and explain the basics of online casino gambling addiction. Operators should remind players that it is important to:

  • make deposits the player is psychologically ready to lose;
  • make regular breaks between games;
  • never borrow money for the game;
  • block access to personal casino profile for underage.

Moreover, operators can suggest gamers to pass gambling addiction tests and provide the contact information of organizations that can help gamblers to deal with ludomania.


Many casino operators allow players to limit access to games in order to prevent the emergence of gambling addiction. Self-exclusion means that the user can ask the operator to block the access to selected online games or to the account for any length of time.

During the break, the player has a chance to reconsider and change the attitude to gambling. This is particularly needed for those who are afraid to face the problem gambling or who have already discovered its first signs, so online casinos should provide an opportunity to self-exclude.

Casino restrictions

Online casinos should also allow players to independently impose certain individual restrictions on gambling:

  • deposit limits;
  • betting limits;
  • time limits;
  • cooling-off limits;
  • loss limits.

These restrictions prevent players from depositing huge sums of money, therefore, decrease loss amounts and establish a casino responsible gambling environment.

Apart from that, some online casinos have algorithms which detect players who spend a lot and automatically provide them with free spins and other bonuses. This tactic should not be used, as it encourages problem gamblers to spend more and get even more engaged in the gambling activities.

Smart programs

The most responsible online casino owners recommend their users with gambling problems to use special software which controls the gambling process. Among the popular programs, there are CyberPatrol, NetNanny, Ludoman, and others. They determine the engagement level and use this data to manage the gaming activity, sometimes blocking the access to gambling resources.

Using these methods, operators can prevent the emergence of gambling addiction, help players with an early addiction stage, as well as make the casino environment safe.