Casino development provides for the possibility of producing an order-based slot. This is optional and in accordance with the operator’s wish to get a unique slot with unusual design, functionality, various options, etc.

Recently, the demand for this service has significantly increased among online casino operators. Let's consider what are the advantages the casinos get by offering custom slots, how they are built up, and what problems the operator may encounter during its development.

What is required

Nowadays, many companies provide such services as slot game development on a by-order basis. Before you chose an online casino developer, you need to figure out what results you expect from the product. Why do you create a slot game?

Initially, the main aim of any uniqueness is to obtain certain marketing benefits directly affecting the profitability of the gambling project.

Therefore, first and foremost, there must be a desire to develop your own online casino.

Marketing benefits

A unique slot machine creation provides a perfect opportunity to launch a huge advertising and PR campaigns. Thus, you can engage new customers and retain old, increase their loyalty and make your brand more identifiable.

In addition, using a custom slot, you can provide for your customers various special offers that can be highlighted in different media resources.

Customization is a distinctive feature that will make your site compare favorably with the competitors' gambling projects. For your special slot, you can design a special theme, plot, interface, sounds, various options and bonuses. It will attract those gamers who are sick of standard slot machines. You can easily replace boring cherries, cards, dice, along with hackneyed Egyptian Pharaohs and Asian dragons with your own characters and symbols. They will match the corporate style of your online casino brand.

Best practices

Many successful online casinos suggest custom slots today. For example, Mr Green Casino. The slot looks like this:

It is a typical example of a brand name slot. Its exterior design conforms fully to the casino's color-grade and style. The main character is Mr Green. The slot machine was developed by the NetEnt company and launched in 2014.

The Marvellous Mr Green is a very exciting quality slot with high RTP and multiple bonuses. The slot immediately attracted a number of gamblers and, thus, increased the popularity of the gaming platform.

The pros and cons of custom slots

Before you decide to create your own slot machine, you have to understand all the pros and cons. The main advantages are:

  • Uniqueness. On a wide variety of online casinos, the gamer will choose the one with a special slot.
  • Own math. The operator can change such technical characteristics as volatility, RTP, number of winning lines etc.
  • Advertisement. A special game slot creation gives you a good chance to promote your platform on different press events.
  • Financial benefits. Casino game development means that you need to pay only for its creation. In fact, it means to buy slot game. In all other cases, if you use a developer's software, you constantly have to pay a certain percent for using it.

The number of disadvantages is pretty small. However, one of them shall be discussed. Creating the slot from scratch requires special knowledge and a lot of time.  Not every online casino has the necessary specialists. It will take a lot of process on your own.  You need to possess the special knowledge and understand the process.

The process of a custom slot creation

Firstly, the operator has to form general requirements for a slot machine and draw up the TOR, and only then start looking for the outsourcer. To create a high-quality product, you need to find seasoned professionals.

The developer has to not only create the product, but also provide its integration into the platform, further support and setting, updates, etc. Therefore, you should consider only those developers who already have an extensive experience and good reputation in the professional environment.

Today, many well-known developers, such as NetEnt and Microgaming, provide online casino operators with the services of custom video slot development. Companies that collaborate with various providers also have the necessary experience in the area and can render integrated services.

Slotegrator, the leading aggregator and software provider, collaborates with the leading developers in the gambling industry. We prefer to focus on the personalized client approach. The company provides multiple services of development, integration and further support of the custom slots.

Slotegrator’s customers have the opportunity to update and upgrade their product at any time. They can change features, options and design elements, thus continually remaining on trend. You can order slot game, if contact the aggregator's team.

Consequently, it's not that hard as it seems, for the operator to create a custom slot game.