Today, it is a mistake to believe that gambling is more popular among men than women. Females of different ages are engaged in online casino games almost the same as males. The main differences between male and female gambling are the preferences in games. So, let’s analyze which slots attract females the most and how to make casinos more appealing to women.

Gamblers’ profiles

Gambling is popular among both genders, and in fact, UK researchers have estimated that the average woman engaged in gambling spends around 21 months in casinos, while the average man playing games, spends approximately 14 months in his lifetime gambling. Also, according to the 2017 report by the UK Gambling Commission, 44% of UK women and 53% of UK men gamble at least once in a month, so the numbers don’t differ significantly.

As for the differences, men tend to play more aggressively while women are usually more pragmatic. Around 72.3% of women would cash in big winnings immediately rather than use the money to keep playing, compared to 61% of men.

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Also, men and women have different motivations and driving forces. Men usually like gambling because of risk and competition, while casinos for women provide an opportunity to cooperate and socialize.

The other difference relates to game preferences. According to many researchers, while men usually choose poker, blackjack, and sports betting, women prefer slot machines and bingo.

Women in online casinos

There are a couple of ways to boost women’s audiences. In order to accomplish this, operators should take into consideration their interests, gambling methods, and techniques, as well as their general attitude to the whole process.

In order to attract even more women, Slotegrator recommends to:

  • add slots with “girly” themes, for instance, with characters from TV series popular among women or with cute animals;
  • integrate games with live male dealers;
  • offer bonuses to women while registering.

Operators should remember that women are as risky as men. These days they are spending more and more time gambling online, and the most courageous of them visit traditional land-based casinos. The world is undergoing changes, and old stereotypes tend to fade away. So, operators should target women audiences as well and know what games are especially popular among female players.