It is important to get a license for the online gambling business to create a reputation of a prestigious platform. Here is a list of the most popular jurisdictions to get a reliable license for an online casino with their advantages and drawbacks.

Jurisdiction Costs Advantages Disadvantages


application fee - €5,000

license renewal fee - €5,000

annual 1, 2 or 3 license types fee - €25,000

annual 4 license type fee - €10,000

stable regulatory framework

players and operators protection

prevention of money laundering


chance to get a resident permit

relatively high taxes and fees

large amounts of financial reports

obligatory office in Malta

long process


company registration - $3,600

application processing fee - $1,000

licence fee per year - $4,800


low license price

low taxes

minimum requirements

fast process

one license for all types of gambling

complicated process of opening bank accounts

only Sub-Licence is available

Costa Rica

license cost - $15,000

license renewal - $1,500

annual 1, 2 or 3 license types fee - €25,000

annual 4 license type fee - €10,000

political and economic stability

servers can be located anywhere

a bank account can be opened in any country

no taxes for companies that run a business overseas

fast and simple registration

relatively low costs and fees

no gambling license, just a data processing license


license cost per year - £100,000

no application fee


only experienced operators with a reputation can get a license


license cost - $40,000

license annual fee - $20,000

no taxes

the stable economic and political situation

possibility to keep corporate documentation in any language

betting on some gaming activities such as amateur sporting events in the Republic of Panama is prohibited


application fee for a CPA - US $25,000

application fee for each Key Person Licence - US $5,000

license renewal costs - US $10,000

required system testing - US $15,000

application fees are refundable if an application is not granted

0% tax rate

no strict requirements

the first license is issued for six months

Isle of Man

license application fee - £5,000

full license annual renewal - £35,000

Sub-License annual renewal - £5,000

Network Service License annual renewal - £5,000 + £5,000 for the networking partner

the full license allows issuing sub-licences and white labels to other operators


one license for all kinds of gambling

gambling tax rate up to 1.5% per year

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