About the event

Starting from February 7 up to February 9, 2017, London will host ICE Totally Gaming conference, one of the world’s major events dedicated to gambling and this amusement industry as a whole.

ICE Totally Gaming is one of the biggest European iGaming venues annually calling together numerous representatives from different sectors of the gambling industry. It is a renowned meeting point, where specialists gather in order to discuss the most burning topics of the said industry, present the latest gambling products and iGaming technological advancements. The run-of-show is divided into two parts: exhibitional and the business one. The first part is dedicated to exhibitions and visual presentations, while the second one is all about conferences, seminars, round tables, workshops and various meetings.

The United Kingdom is one of the European countries having a wealth of experience in matters of proper regulation of the gambling market due to the standards it sets. For this very reason, it is no wonder, that London in particular is hosting ICE Totally Gaming, as well as many other internationally relevant exhibitions, traditionally located in ExCel, which is one of the most prestigious exposition centers.


ICE Totally Gaming is very advantageous and relevant, first of all, for the professionals in this very industry, who in terms of such an exhibition, get a unique opportunity to find out more about the recent market trends and tendencies, talk to various developers, providers, operators, and experts firsthand. Traditionally, this exhibition is attended by the experts from more than 120 countries of the world, representing the major gambling companies and bringing their latest developments and innovations.

ICE Totally Gaming is globally famous precisely for its innovative presentations, thousands of concluded contracts, and its incredible popularity with gambling communities and audiences.

As a result, ICE Totally Gaming brings forth new business ideas, facilitates the processes of signing new deals with different software and service providers, promotes discussions, partnership agreements and opens new opportunities.

Features of the ICE

Broadly speaking, ICE is:

  • One of the major events of the gambling industry;
  • On the list of top three gambling events of the UK, according to the public opinion;
  • A start-up platform for many of the groundbreaking projects;
  • A one-of-a-kind exhibition that covers all the sectors of the contemporary gambling industry;
  • A venue that is expected to gather more than 30 000 of people this very year.

Slotegrator´s involvement in the ICE

The company Slotegrator keeps a wary eye on the most significant events of the gambling industry and participates actively in each of them. At this year´s ICE Totally Gaming exhibition, Vadim Potapenko is going to present Slotegrator´s exclusive innovation– online casino bots for the famous Telegram messenger.

Meanwhile, Denis Dzubenko is going to conduct important meetings both with actual and potential partners, as well as meet representatives of different media resources and platforms.

“Slotegrator is predominantly focused on tracking all kinds of innovative trends of the gambling industry in order to provide its clients with the most progressive solutions” , - Denis pointed out.

According to Vadim Potapenko,

“Integration of new gambling solutions influences greatly the further evolution of our clients’ businesses. Pursuing such goals, Slotegrator enables its clients to approach new markets and expand their business scope”.