Various jurisdictions offer different conditions and requirements for obtaining a gaming license for online casino. Some countries set strict rules and make the process long, while others have loyal requirements and make the process easier for operators. Let’s see how to get a gaming license in Kahnawake.

Kahnawake jurisdiction

In the Mohawk Territories in Canada, gaming licenses are issued by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission which was created in 1996. Today, it regulates over 250 online casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms, as well as the land-based poker rooms in the Mohawk Territory.

Types of Kahnawake gaming license

Nowadays entrepreneurs can get 4 gaming license types by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission:

  • Interactive Gaming License (IGL): issued to an approved hosting facility in Kahnawake.
  • Client Provider Authorization (CPA): issued to approved entities that want to provide interactive gaming services from the hosting facility in Kahnawake. The holder of a valid CPA is called an Authorized Client Provider (ACP). An ACP must be hosted at the hosting facility that holds the IGL and can offer any type of interactive gaming (casino, poker and/or sportsbook).
  • Inter-Jurisdictional Authorization (IJA): issued to an entity that holds a valid interactive gaming license issued by another jurisdiction and that wants to locate some or all of its equipment and personnel to the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake.
  • Key Person Licence (KPL): issued to at least one person who performs managerial or operational functions for the entity that holds a CPA.

The Commission also issues the separate Poker Room License for operating within the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake.

Requirements to get an online gaming license in Kahnawake

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In order to apply for the CPA, operators should gather several documents:

  • application for Client Provider Authorization;
  • business entity information form;
  • personal information form (should be completed by each corporation director, each shareholder with a minimum 10% interest, each person who submits a Key Person Licence application form);
  • Key Person Licence application form;
  • control system submission.

In order to operate under the Kahnawake online gaming license, online casino operators should follow these requirements:

  • online gambling should be transparent, honest and responsible;
  • operators are obliged to be loyal to players, pay out all winnings, and keep players’ personal data private;
  • operators should follow all Commission regulations regarding the protection of underage people and other vulnerable users;
  • gaming websites should be equipped by the limiting mechanism;
  • gaming websites should be equipped with the feedback system and technical support;
  • all games’ rules should be available on the website in English.

Getting a license in Kahnawake is not complicated and relatively easy as the application phase usually takes from 4 to 8 weeks. The initial license is issued for six months. After this, there is a possibility to obtain a 2-year license.

Costs and taxation

Application fee for a Client Provider Authorization

US $25,000

Application fee for each Key Person Licence

US $5,000

Required system testing

US $15,000

License renewal costs

US $10,000

Opening bank account

US $1,900

Opening merchant account

US $1,500

As for taxes, the Kahnawake jurisdiction imposes no corporation tax and no additional gaming tax.

Advantages of Kahnawake gaming license

Getting a Kahnawake gaming license has several benefits:

  • application fees are refundable if an application is not granted;
  • 0% tax rate;
  • relatively low fees;
  • no strict requirements;
  • low barrier of entry.

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