There comes a hot season for betting on the Summer Olympic Games in Brazil. This year sporting competitions promise to be really incredible: the program includes a huge number of sports – the figure increased to 33; the event will be attended by a record number of countries. The organizers have also come up with a completely new method of supplying the Olympic village with electricity, which has never been used before - Waterfall Skyscraper. In other words, the Olympics will have a lot of interesting features, as well as a lot of opportunities for fans of sports betting.

Long-term bets on Rio 2016

Bookmakers began to offer their services long before the start of the competition, since long-term bets are very popular among bettors. Previously it was possible to make a bet in just a few days before the event, but today bookmakers offer a varied range of bets, which can be done in a week or even a month before the Olympics.

Usually when people place a long-term bet they try to predict the outcome of a tournament or the result of a particular team/athlete.

Long-term bets may be made on both team and individual sports. The main thing for a successful long-term bet is to find a reliable bookmaker, offering favorable betting lines.

2016 Summer Olympics: live betting

Long-term betting is considered to be more popular in Europe, while in the CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine) bettors prefer live bets. Moreover, this type of betting is more popular among young people.

The main advantage of live bets is that collected theoretical information about the event is combined with the possibility to draw certain conclusions during the game watching the tournament online, so that bettor is able to take unexpected circumstances (traumas, judge's decision, etc.) into account.

Besides, online bets result in much more adrenalin and excitement, because of its dynamics and possibility to get winning much faster. To make bets watching sports events online is much more interesting.

However, live-betting has some disadvantages. For example, betting lines may be not very varied: with 100 sports events, the line may include 15 of them only. Often bookmakers set too high marginon their live offerings and too low betting limits. But all these disadvantages may be avoided if to choose appropriate bookmakers. Slotegrator has made a list of reliable bookmakers, offering the best services as for live betting.

Bookmakers offering Live betting on 2016 Summer Olympics:

  • Titanbet
  • Pari-Match
  • Winlinebet
  • Marathon
  • Leon
  • Bookmakerclub

What should be remembered when making live bets?

It is important to understand that in both long-term and online betting aformula for success is always based on a qualitative analysis of a sports event. Sometimes in the pursuit of quick win bettor, inspired by excitement of the game, forgets aboutanalysis and starts making bets in keeping with emotion rather than mind. Often it leads to loss.

Players should also remember thatlive bookmaker is not interested in winning or losing of aparticular player. Bookmaker must correctly predict preferences of the majority of bettors to set odds properly.

That is why you should not fully rely on odds, because they do not always reflect the real potential of teams or athletes. It is more likely that odds aredesigned to kindle bettors’ interest.

A thorough analysis of the future event allows player to understandwhether offered online bets are beneficial or not.

How to make live bets during 2016 Olympic Games?

  1. Analyze the upcoming event andlearn statistics, even if you are going to make online bets.
  2. Do not be guided by the odds only, because the outcome of the game can change dramatically.
  3. Watch the broadcast of the event, since during the competition some new circumstances may appear, affecting the outcome.
  4. Choose the most suitable and reliable bookmaker with various live betting lines.

If you take into account all the recommendations and havea bit of luck, live betting may bring you good money on the Olympic Games 2016. Slotegrator recommends live betting in order to fully enjoy all the emotions of sports betting.