We continue discussing the industry gambling events of this spring. 

Betting Trends Forum 2018

Major spring gambling events. Part 2 0

April 3, Russia, Moscow.

April begins with one of the most anticipated events in the sphere of Russian betting. Leading bookmakers, experts, and betting software developers, as well as the authorities responsible for the regulation of the gambling sphere, will take part in the event dedicated to the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup. 

Main topics of the forum:
•    ways to properly prepare your business for the 2018 World Cup to get maximum revenue;
•    sports betting market forecasts;
•    trends in the gambling industry;
•    peculiarities of using ICO and blockchain technology in betting;
•    effective marketing strategies for customer acquisition;
•    innovative technologies in sports betting;
•    uniting online and offline brands to increase the income;
•    how to restructure the business model and strategy to meet the changing client's needs. 

The participants will discuss the issues of legislation, business organization, innovative technologies, as well as the methods of effective operation during the large-scale sports events.

Besides, visitors of Betting Trends Forum will have an opportunity to participate in eSPORTconf Russia. This is the first conference in Russia devoted to investment and integration of Russian business into the international market of e-sports.

The main themes are:
•    development of e-sports in Russia, Europe and world;
•    hot investment opportunities in e-sports;
•    statistics, profit and prospects of e-sports;
•    e-sports as a commercial business model;
•    e-sports in education.

FADJA 2018

Major spring gambling events. Part 2 1

April 5-6, Colombia, Bogotá.

The annual exhibition of entertainment and gaming industry Feria Americana de Juegos de Azar 2018 is dedicated to slot machines, innovative technologies and gambling equipment in the sphere.

It will unite operators, vendors, and developers who will present their ideas and products on the Latin American market. In the framework of the exhibition, visitors will be able not only to find out about the innovative developments, but also to purchase them, and the experts will have an opportunity to discuss the most relevant issues in the gambling industry of the region.

SBEA 2018

April 10-11, Uganda, Kampala.

As for today, Africa is the fastest growing region in the field of gambling. Therefore, this continent more and more often features various leading industry events. 

The fourth international annual Sports Betting East Africa Summit focuses on sports betting in East Africa. It will unite industry leaders from all over the world. Participants will discuss marketing strategies used in emerging sports betting markets, as well as new technologies, gambling and casino prospects. 

SBEA 2018 is the only specialized betting conference in Africa focused on the perspective eastern region. Because of the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup, not only the latest business opportunities and marketing trends will be discussed, but also the latest legislative initiatives in East Africa. 

Well-known bookmakers, officials, marketing and consulting agencies, payment systems operators, developers and suppliers of the software, etc. will take part in the summit.

Blockchain Expo Global 2018

Major spring gambling events. Part 2 2

April 18-19, UK, London.

The international gaming conference will be dedicated to the latest blockchain technologies, which are now widely used in the gambling industry. 

Leaders of the market engaged in the development and introduction of the most advanced blockchain-technologies will take part in the progressive event. It is expected that Blockchain Expo will attract more than six thousand field experts and specialists from all over the world. 

The event will host several discussions and case studies on the application of blockchain not only in gambling but also in other areas such as production, retail, financial and legal services, health, insurance, energy, real estate, etc.

BgC 2018  

Major spring gambling events. Part 2 3

April 22-24, Brazil, Sao Paulo.

The third annual Brazilian Gaming Congress will be dedicated to the latest technologies in the gambling field, as well as to the games, slots, and casinos. 

Since 2013, BgC is a key event, where the leading operators, investors, experts and legislators gather to explore the potential of the Brazilian gambling market and discuss the legislative aspects of its regulation. 

The main themes are:
•    the law on gambling in Brazil; 
•    problems that the state may face in the process of forming a legal gambling market; 
•    perspectives of the region for long-term investments; 
•    influence of gambling industry on the economy of the region, etc.

Every year BgC is gaining momentum, as the legislative debates in its framework, later on, are discussed in the Brazilian National Congress. Thus, this event plays a fundamental role in the association of industry members and legislators. The process of exchanging the best practices is organized with the aim of making decisions for the further development of the Brazilian gambling market. 

Caribbean Gaming Show & Summit 2018

Major spring gambling events. Part 2 4

April 26-27, Mexico, Cancun.

Caribbean Gaming Show & Summit will unite the representatives of the gaming industry to create new strategic partnerships for the gambling industry development in the region. It will be the eighth meeting led by AIEJA (Asociación de la Industria del Entretenimiento y Juego de Apuesta) – The Mexican Gaming Association. 

The focus of the event will be on casino games and new technologies in gambling. Participants are the operators of gambling establishments, suppliers of products and services.

The main goal of the summit is to provide a better understanding of the gambling potential in Mexico, as well as in the entire Caribbean region, which will help create new strategic alliances. The conference will address the most essential issues in the fight against money laundering, as well as the formation of a responsible and safe business environment. 

Join the experts at the world conferences and stock mind with knowledge about the gambling business!

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