What is MiAC

The Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference is a gambling event designed around creating a strong network of the top specialists in the European and Eastern European markets. The conference agenda includes discussions focused on the iGaming space’s most critical issues, the expansion of professional networks and business connections, and the exchange of ideas and perspectives on the industry.

First Edition of MiAC 2019

In April 2019, the first edition of MiAC took place in Minsk, the Belarus capital. The conference featured a unique format and quite a broad agenda covering the most important topics concerning online casinos and betting platforms, such as regulations and laws, gaining online casino traffic, the acquisition and retention of new audience segments, and more.

Among the companies that took part were Favbet, Quints, RichPush, SupportLAB, Promatic Games, Alpha Affiliates, RioBet Affiliates, Digital Choo, Parimatch, Slotegrator, and VBET.

Attendees were particularly excited about the speed dating format, where they had a series of one-on-one conversations, each with a 15-minute limit, in which to evaluate potential future partnerships and collaborations.

What to Expect From MiAC 2020

The gambling industry in Belarus began its current trend of rapid development when the industry became illegal in a neighboring country, the Russian Federation. However, the rise in the numbers of players and companies desiring to take their place in the industry came with stringent regulations from the government, with President Alexander Lukashenko in the lead. That’s why MiAC is a tremendously significant event for the whole Belarus industry.

On March 5, gambling experts and specialists will gather to share their findings and solutions regarding affiliate strategies and advertising in the industry with each other as well as all visitors. It’s worth mentioning that the agenda is not limited to the topics listed above, as there is no end to the number of issues that bear discussion. There’s no need to explain the importance of the event — it speaks for itself.

The conference organizers have kept all the high points from the previous experience, including the speed dating format which takes place during some of the gaps between speakers’ presentations on stage. Also, some of the topics, such as, “Launching iGaming Affiliations from Scratch” and “Operators and Affiliates: How to Build a Win-Win Strategy”, will be presented as a part of the panel discussion format.

Among MiAC’s planned speakers is Maryna Martynenko, Head of HR at Slotegrator. Her report titled “Recruitment in Gambling. Trying and searching, finding, and moving forward” is going to cover a wide range of crucial points in the field of recruitment, such as:

  • Pitfalls of recruiting specialists in the industry
  • Key challenges for recruitment teams
  • Sources for finding qualified personnel
  • Hidden sources to search
  • Challenges of employee retention in the industry.

With more than 10 years of experience, Martynenko has a profound understanding of how to search for the true gems of talent in the iGaming space, as well as in other industries, such as IT, financial technology, petrochemicals, and the energy industry. During her presentation, Martynenko will pinpoint the main challenges in the recruitment sphere, share her vision of HR techniques, and provide the audience with some vivid examples of effective practices to use in the field.

MiAC Is a Must-Visit

The gambling industry of Belarus is actively growing. Along with the growth in the land-based sector, the iGaming business is developing rapidly, as are the regulations which control the business.

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It’s important for operators to adhere to regulations concerning gambling advertising in Belarus in order to avoid being banned from operating in the country or otherwise negatively affected by authorities. On this topic at MiAC, Expozive CEO and Founder Nicc Lewis has a report titled “Key marketing goals: How not to get blocked and attract a new audience.”

Moreover, in Belarus, entering the gambling market is not as easy for operators as it sounds due to a set of stringent requirements for getting a license that leaves only the fittest in the game. The topic of regulations and laws is always a key one for operators who are trying to become a part of the gambling business. To offer some profound insights into the issue, legal advisor Alexander Shushin is delivering a talk titled “The whole truth about the relationships between the regulatory bodies, operators and affiliates.”

To understand the scope of the government’s control over the gambling industry, you should know about its intention to design a state gambling website that will keep track of gambling taxes. Additionally, the financial monitoring system has already come into force. One of MiAC’s panel discussions, “Operators and affiliates: how to build a win-win strategy” is going to answer the question of how operators can launch their businesses and find their partners in the market without making crucial mistakes.

In the Belarus market, there are more than enough different factors to keep in mind. Operators should always be at least two steps ahead of the curve, using all the resources allowed by law, and implementing some of the new affiliating and advertising strategies used within the European market.

There are plenty of great reasons to visit the Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference. The main ones are to deepen one’s knowledge of the industry and to find out some new approaches to the business. It’s a great way to keep up with the biggest trends in iGaming!