Offering Quality Bonuses While Avoiding Abuse in Online Gambling

Offers like sign-up bonuses and deposit-matching bonuses are a tried and true method of attracting and retaining new players. After all, who doesn’t like free money? Bonuses create a win-win situation. The player gets some room to maneuver and maybe a chance to try something new. If the casino does everything right, including a smooth onboarding process, eye-catching design, and minimum clicks to bet, it will have a new loyal customer.

But there’s a catch. Not all bonuses are claimed in good faith. Fraudsters have a variety of ways to try and abuse the bonuses that casinos offer. Players might set up multiple accounts under fake identities on the same casino in order to take advantage of the same bonus over and over again. Some players might also abuse bonuses by betting more than the stated limit per spin or simply withdrawing the deposited money after playing through the free spins. Most commonly, players open an account with a casino that offers a no-deposit bonus, play through the required number of spins, and then withdraw their bonus.

Simply put, any action taken regarding a bonus that’s not in accordance with the stated terms and conditions could be considered abuse. However, arguing the case that a given action or pattern of betting constitutes abuse can run into gray areas fairly quickly, with abusers often arguing their case by defending their betting as standard play and casinos unable to prove otherwise.

Bonus abuse leaves casino operators between a rock and a hard place. If they pursue bonus abusers too vigorously, they could develop an undeserved reputation for being unfair or unreasonable. If they don’t combat the abuse, they get defrauded.

Advances in technology are providing casinos with the tools to detect potential fraudsters. There are many points in a player journey where fraud can occur, from account set-up to cashing out winnings, and taking security measures such as checking device and player history can do wonders when trying to sort out bad actors. Security firms can also detect when bonus abusers attempt to use VPNs or otherwise hide their IP addresses.

Of course, you wouldn’t need to take such security measures if the bonuses weren’t so valuable. But operators who can control bonus abuse are able to offer bonuses which are a significant incentive for spinning. One group that’s particularly fond of bonuses is high rollers, so we’ll look at some of the bonuses that appeal to them the most after we examine some critical terms related to bonuses.

Important Bonus Terms and Conditions

In order to combat fraud and prevent an overwhelming financial burden, casinos include various stipulations in the terms and conditions that govern how bonuses are used. Below are some of the most commonly used.


Many online casinos include a playthrough requirement as part of the terms and conditions for the bonuses they offer. Playthrough is the amount of money that must be wagered before the bonus can be withdrawn. For example, if a casino offers a 100% bonus on a deposit of $500 and a playthrough of 25x, players must wager $25,000 ($500 deposit + $500 bonus x 25) before they can withdraw the bonus.

Minimum/Maximum cashouts

Casinos often include minimum and maximum limits for cashing out in order to prevent bonus abuse. For example, a casino might set a maximum cashout limit of 25x, meaning that a player depositing $100 would be able to withdraw no more than $2500. Similarly, many casinos have a minimum withdrawal amount that players must observe. Often, the minimum withdrawal is higher than the minimum deposit, requiring the player to spend time on the site playing their favorite games before they can withdraw their money.

Bonus Restrictions

Online casinos usually include a long list of terms and conditions that apply to their bonus programs with the aim of preventing bonus abuse. These include cashout limits, time limits, and betting requirements, in addition to other stipulations.

VIP Bonuses

One non-monetary bonus that appeals to high rollers is the VIP bonus that some online casinos offer. This bonus, given to high rollers who make a sizable deposit, provides instant inclusion into the highest levels of the online casino’s loyalty program. The instant status and recognition have a definite and proven appeal for players who like to bet big, and the perks can recreate the experience of receiving preferential treatment at brick-and-mortar casinos.

Bonuses for High Rollers

Many casinos offer more favorable welcome bonuses for high rollers. The limits for a 100% deposit match bonus, for example, could be as high as $3000. This is a great incentive to encourage high rollers to make a deposit and try out a new casino.


Чтобы пресечь мошенничество и предотвратить финансовый коллапс, операторам казино следует создавать разнообразные пункты в рамках условий и положений, способных контролировать правильное использование бонусов.
Очень понятно все разъяснено!

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