Many people have heard the notion ‘omnichannel’ but not everyone fully understands what it means. Slotegrator offers to look into this notion, and to find out why global gambling companies believe that the future of gambling business stands behind the omnichannel strategy.

Omnichannel strategy allows providing players with smooth game transition from one device onto another. Thus, online casino operator can primarily pay attention to providers that are ready to supply relevant software for customers.

In particular, if a virtual casino is aimed at young target audience – aged under 35 – gadgets, tablets and other mobile devices can support a version of your gambling house. Data loading, gameplay, depositing / withdrawal of funds – all these things should be as simple as possible, work seamlessly and guarantee 100% convenience to players during the game.

What experts think about omnichannel

According to the executive director of World Match (WM), specializing in premium software for virtual gambling clubs, Andrea Boratto, owners of gambling businesses should be ready to accept the new conception of running business.

“Earlier registration of online, landbased and mobile casinos were three different directions. Now it’s a single engine, whose mechanism has to operate at an appropriate, high level,” says Boratto.

Research of WM has shown that you can achieve positive results by examining gamblers’ habits, determining their preferences. “Players tend to shift quickly from one device to another, enjoying games on the go. Club owners should understand it and take it into account when creating a casino,” states Andrea.

Gambling analyst Gabriela De Lorenzi claims that there is the following tendency – a player wants to feel freedom. “Gambler starts playing on his laptop, further he continues playing on a tablet while waiting for the public transport, for example. In the evening he shifts to a computer or laptop once again.”

Lorenzi forecasts that omnichannel strategy will generate 30% more revenue for organizers of gambling entertainment. Furthermore, analyst highlights the following: the increase of profits will become possible if operators are able to offer high-quality omnichannel software with seamless transfer of gameplay from one device to another.

Slotegrator’s point of view

The largest aggregator of iGaming solutions for virtual gambling clubs, Slotegrator Company, believes that omnichannel will be a key barometer of gambling operators’ revenue. The platform of slot machines also plays an important role. Nowadays providers develop content mainly on HTML5, which is gradually replacing the outdated Flash platform.

Aggregator’s partners develop software in compliance with the latest trends of gambling business. Every customer of the company can be 100% sure in its safety and high detalization of data.