We live in a time of rapid innovation and technological progress. Things that no one ever thought were possible became available to virtually everyone. Time is the force for progress. Virtual reality, 3D graphics, intelligent robots, online slot machines – now all this is not a myth.

World Wide Web has opened a window to infinite possibilities and new knowledge which, basically, left a deep imprint on the development of online gambling as a self-sustaining industry. In this article, we will look at the story of the creation of this direction and its further evolution.

How did internet gambling begin?

The emergence of gaming platforms on the Internet is connected not only with the rapid development of technology and the World Wide Web, but the users' desire to play and make bets without leaving home.


The Origin of Online Gambling. A small British company Microgaming made a splash in the world of gambling, being the first to develop the first online casino. This event was a landmark discovery in the industry. Back then, a novice provider Microgaming offered a wide range of games for every taste: from the traditional one-armed bandits to the up to date games with realistic graphics and bright visual effects.

Once risked, the company was a pioneer of the new world of online casino and gave players the opportunity to experience unforgettable emotions while sitting in their favorite chair.

It is worth noting that in the same year, a treaty was signed in Antigua and Barbuda, which allowed to license and legalize gambling activities on the World Wide Web.


Several years after the development of the first platform, there were more than 15 companies engaged in the similar field of activity. This figure evidenced the increased demand among players and their high level of interest.


In 1997, the prestigious bookmaker InterTops was the first to accept bets on various sports events online. This incident boosted the development of the gambling industry worldwide. Everyone had the opportunity to bet on sports through the Internet.


That year, the gambling industry experienced the first boom due to invention and release of the first progressive slot machine. In the same year, there was one of the most important events in the online casino sphere - the first big jackpot had been won. It was a turning point for all gamblers, as they realized that everyone can win in online casinos even with minimal bets.

The beginning of the XXI century was the heyday of the gambling industry

  • Development of digital technology, new methods of money deposit and withdrawal, a general improvement in the quality of slot machines, the first mobile online casinos and new gambling exhibitions.
  • Microgaming was the first to develop a gambling platform and a specialized organization called eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance). The organization has acted as an intermediary between users and gaming resources to settle the disputes and conflict situations. The main goal of eCOGRA was to protect the rights of players.
  • Due to the rapid development of the gambling industry, the turnover of funds in online casinos at the beginning of 2000 was more than $8.5 billion, indicating a big demand among users. 


The Parliament of United States passed a law banning gambling in the information and telecommunications network, that caused a great deal of distress for all gamblers. With the emergence of online gambling, many players prefer to win money using the Internet platform.

The number of visitors to land-based casinos in Las Vegas has declined significantly, which negatively affected the overall economy of the country.

Russia adopted a Federal law that prohibits gambling on any websites. For 2015, the Single Register blocked about 22 thousand resources engaged in illegal activity.


With the advent of smartphones and the first iPhone, more mobile versions of gambling were issued. For example, Microgaming company has released the first mobile card game for money, Baccarat, that was run on the platform of Spin3.

And a year later, Apple developed a mobile app called Texas Holdem that was available in AppStore. After 5 hours, it was in the top ten of the best apps.


The US launched a campaign to search for compromise solutions between the authorities and users regarding the legalization of online casinos. The many States have begun to examine the draft laws on increase of the level of loyalty towards online gambling.


Governor, Chris Christie, signed a bill on the legalization of online casinos in New Jersey, USA. Subsequently, this solution was followed by the opening of 11 gambling houses. Tax to conduct such activities was 15%, which is a major contribution to the General Treasury of the State.

The total amount of bets made through mobile phones amounted to about 10 billion dollars, which was a considerably high rate in the industry of online gambling.


The invention of the first licensed Bitcoin casino BitCasino that offered games such as baccarat, poker and blackjack, the wheel of fortune, tournaments and a poker room. Moreover, they are all had mobile versions.


There is a massive shift from Flash to HTML5 technology. It allows you to optimize the web page for use in mobile applications since players increasingly use phones and tablets for playing online casinos.


The Spanish company, a leader among developers of gambling, Red Rake had released the world's first orbital reels slot. Innovation has captured the hearts of avid gamblers. This innovation improved the gameplay and increased the wins.

Online Casino Today

Nowadays, online casino is not less popular than the traditional slot machines. The many benefits of betting from home cannot leave indifferent any avid gamers.  One of the main advantages of modern online gambling are:

  • Various loyalty programs, bonus systems, and other pleasant surprises;
  • large selection of games: from traditional machines to modern innovations;
  • the ability to play anywhere in the world, regardless of the location;
  • full security and privacy of the user;
  • free games that are not available in the land-based machines.

Despite the fact that many countries do not support the development of the gambling industry, a number of countries have been actively working to mitigate the well-established prohibitions regarding online casino. For example, many countries continue the process of online casino legalization.

According to analysts, the activities of online casinos will be beneficial to the United States. Every gambling house is an advantageous taxpayer, and that is the most favorable impact on the economic situation in the country. A similar situation occurred in Israel.

Due to the fact that land-based casinos are strictly forbidden, the authorities have found a compromise with users, offering alternatives in the form of network gambling.

New trends in online gambling

  • VR technology. To date, the transfer of the user in virtual reality is no longer a myth. Many developers have invested considerable sums in the development of VR technology. 
  • Live-games. Would you like to head into the world of online casinos and to get unforgettable emotions? Then, the live dealer slots were created just for you! A number of developers have already launched live games platforms which became one of the most beloved trends of this year.
  • Luck+strategy. Early 2018 gave the players another innovation – slots combining a standard game with a fascinating process of developing a smart strategy. The winning user will not only depend on luck but on their intellectual skills and abilities.  

Online gambling today is a comprehensive, organized system that offers a wide variety of slots and promises great winnings. Continuous improvement and development of new games attract everyone to experience thrill, excitement and an overwhelming desire to win.