So, let's say you have already taken into account all the requirements, nuances, advice, trends and recommendations and created your first, or not the first online, gambling project. The casino website is ideal as for all parameters, equipped with the best administration tools, filled with unsurpassed gaming content, a wide range of payment systems, and all other major components. All you need is to cut the ribbon, open the bottle of champagne and start operation of your creation on the Internet. But now you may face the question about follow-up operation of your project: how to attract traffic to the online casino? Even if you do everything right in terms of casino creation and do not allow a single mistake, nothing will work without the traffic. Moreover, it should be of high-quality: inexhaustible flow of visitors, who buy your casino services.

Step 1: target audience

There is a belief that you should attract all possible visitors and the main factor is their quantity. It is wrong. Such strategy does not guarantee efficiency. For example, 100 users have visited your casino website and none of them made use of its services simply because they are not interested in gambling.

That’s why first of all you should determine the target audience of your online casino.

Only then you should start attracting targeted traffic, all those interested in online gambling. This will save you from a situation when even at maximum website traffic there will be no results.

Step 2: Content should comply with AIDA

You should not forget about one of the basic methods of internet marketing – AIDA.

Your casino website should contain four main criteria of the marketing funnel: attention, interest, desire, action.

To attract attention is possible due to exclusive and high-quality design of the website. Cheap, simple or typical design options are not suitable here, because they can not catch the user's attention from the very first jump. Also, it is important that the site contains a variety of interactive elements, such as pop-up windows, menus, sliders, drop-down lists etc. It is important to use all available tools to attract maximum attention.

You should spark interest. It is necessary to stir up the initial customers’ interest and not to let them go. You need to focus on the target audience, provide them with the most relevant, the most edgy and interesting information about products and services you offer.

Here the ‘interest’ phase gradually develops into the process of stirring the desire using images and texts. Bright moving images of slots, card and table games, logos of prestigious providers, clear, laconic and understandable description of services - all efforts should be directed toward evoking customers’ emotions, and ultimately stirring them into action. Just in case your efforts resulted in the purchase and brought you profit, it is possible to say that AIDA scheme has worked in all 100%.

Step 3: Free and paid methods of traffic attraction

In this section, we will consider the most effective and widely used tools for attraction of traffic to the online casino website. Each owner of online gambling business should know and actively use them. Currently there are dozens of such methods. We will briefly discuss only the most popular and suitable for the promotion of online casinos.

Your casino reviews on the net

There are many specialized blogs, where you can buy reviews on your casino from bloggers or market experts. You can buy place in ratings on casino review websites.


There are plenty of ways to get free backlinks to your website, for example, you can comment on the forums or post interesting blog posts, adding links, register your website in various thematic catalogs, leave a link to your website in emails, participate in link exchange programs, and so on. You can also buy backlinks in the process of automatic website promotion.

There is also one more traditional way of website promotion: post interesting and unique content regularly and publish various information materials. These articles may be than reposted on other websites or blogs with a backlinks to the source.

PPC - pay per click

For new websites PPC tool can be one of the most effective to attract traffic. This is a paid service provided by search engines. After each click through to your website payment is made. If funds are available, this method at the initial stage of casino promotion can give an important impetus to the attendance increase and the website success.

Forum creation

Very popular and relevant method of attracting customers is the creation of webpage for discussions or forum. Such method is more energy-consuming, as it should be operated. But currently this method is very effective. Furthermore, there is a possibility to buy signature links for process acceleration.

Pages in social networks

One more very popular way to attract users is the creation of casino pages in social networks. The availability of social networks share buttons on the casino website has become a must. Reposts and likes will drive even more traffic to your website.


Organization and holding of webinars became a modern trend for website promotion. Creation of video tutorials will not take much time, efforts and money, but the result will be great. Video materials are much more understandable compared to text ones. Moreover, online seminars allow you to draw an unlimited number of participants, increasing the chances for traffic increase.

Posting materials in the media

Traditionally the media have been considered to be the most efficient and effective source of advertising. That’s why you should systematically apply to large and popular online resources for posting articles and press releases about your casino there. You can also apply to news agencies for cooperation.

Affiliate program

Affiliate programs work the following way: link to your website is posted on the partner’s website, usually it is a resource dedicated to gambling. After a user has linked to your website and made payment, your partner receives a percentage of this payment and you get a real client for your casino.


Newsletter service has significant impact on the traffic increase and customers retention.


If your casino has the opportunity to be a sponsor, in other words, can provide free services to some key events, then do not hesitate to use this tool of promotion. Sponsorship contributes to the promotion and brand awareness.

Participation in specialized events

Your company should be aware of all industry events: forums, congresses, exhibitions, conferences etc. The more events you visit, the more people will learn about your casino. The advantage of such method of promotion is a live dialogue with industry representatives. And if you are lucky enough to get to the international event, it is also a chance to expand the boundaries of your casino operation.


A cup, notebook, pen or t-shirts with the logo of your casino is a great way to reward your customer interested in you brand. You present such branded items to your customers, and each time they look at them, clients once again think of you and may tell about the casino to their friends. It will significantly increase the popularity of the casino.

This list of tools to attract quality traffic to your casino website is not full, but we hope that the abovementioned basic and most effective methods will help you to make your online casino popular and frequented place. The Slotegrator experts have conducted an interesting webinar on the topic "How to attract players to online casino". It is available on the webinar webpage.

Online casino traffic exchange

Traffic exchange is a great method to promote your online casino on the Internet. This system allows buying the traffic according to the target audience for which the site is designed and the region where services are provided.

How does it work? You choose an affiliate program or a teaser network, then sign up, buy traffic, and start an advertising campaign. Users clicking on the referral link will be redirected to the site with the products or services offered by the partner.

It is necessary to remember about the opportunity of cheap traffic uploading to online casino. However, a quality of outcome is expected to be low. The next question arises: how to get a good traffic that is suitable for a high-quality gambling resource?

The best solution is to use the traffic exchanges including foreign ones, to analyze websites with Google Analytics, and to eliminate bots from pure traffic. The last-mentioned robots must be blacklisted immediately.

Promoting tools to attract active users

  • VK Message - pop-up window designed in the style of the VKontakte social network.
  • Rich-media – interactive advertising based on Flash and JavaScript.
  • TopLine – wide Flash image at the top of browser.
  • AdSpot – 300X250 Flash-image at the bottom of browser.
  • ClickUnder – new pop-up window with advertising opened with the first click on any part of the site.
  • PopUnder – image located over the content.
  • ICQ Windows – similar to ICQ window at the bottom right.
  • Teaser traffic – animated image with explaining text message.

Finally it should be noted, that you shouldn’t revolve around one of the methods. You should use all of them successively or in combinations. In such a way the traffic increase will be gradual and there will be no attendance downturns.