Progress never stops: over the past several years, the online gambling industry has been rapidly transformed and advanced reaching a high popularity. Online sector mobile boom, innovative solutions, such as 3D technologies, virtual reality, new software capabilities, provide players more and more opportunities and make the online entertainment world even more exciting and attractive.

Innovations in online gambling

One of the most significant features of successful online industry development is players loyalty increasing. For the previous years, users’ confidence in entertainment game portals has dozens times increased as operators can provide their clients the higher security level. Modern online casinos are equipped with reliable security systems guaranteeing information integrity and providing players privacy.

Currently, the amount of suspicious online establishments aiming to fool and cheat players has been also reduced. A majority of operators prefer to work legally and use only licensed software for their casinos. Payment systems used in online establishments allow users to conduct payouts immediately and thus prevent them from any discomfort.

But the most conclusive evidence of online gambling rapid development is figures, specifically, statistics related to several industry key indicators.

So, let’s review major trends of gambling industry development in 2016.


To see how rapidly the gambling market has changed in just a year, it is enough to compare the income measure for 2005, reaching $13.5 billion, and the income measure for the beginning of 2016, which is almost three times higher – $41.4 billion. The difference is colossal. Due to the audience increase and establishing of the higher amount of progressive casinos, there is no doubt that the online sector experiences its heyday or at least the beginning of it.

Tablets are an integral part of our life

Users and consumers are used to comfort and can’t do without it in everyday life. Within the common gambling industry mobile trend when users more often prefer convenient mobile casinos, there is also a growth of users preferring tablets among mobile gadgets. In 2015, the revenue from tablet games was $3.9 billion and till 2018, this figure could increase twice or three times.

Online casino audience is changed

It is no secret, for example, that a gender majority among online casino players went to women over the past few years. And the stereotype that only young men play gambling is irrelevant anymore. There is also an interest increase of older age users. But the most interesting fact is that a lot of players so trust modern entertainment portals that attract event their own children to games. Such trend is more likely caused by various range of game plots offered at the market. It is bright graphics, excellent background music, famous movies characters, comics and fairytales that attract children who happily play amusing slots along with parents.

Over 50 club

As mentioned above, the online casino audience is consequently getting older. Currently, approximately 30% of the whole audience is people belonging to the older age group. It's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. Modern grandfathers and grandmothers, who did not even want to hear of mobile phones and computers several years ago, were forced to learn this integral part of modern life. Now it is hardly to meet someone who doesn’t have a social network profile or doesn’t use smartphones. Online gambling shows the same trend: why should one go far in order to try their luck, if there is an opportunity to win at home? That is why, casino game developers took into account this fact and offer a wide range of content designed especially for the older age category.


And finally, one more interesting fact: the most popular Internet game in 2015 was online bingo. According to statistics, the amount of players was more than two million with bets up to 3 billion dollars.

Anyway, online gambling conquers the world. The audience is changed, technologies are advanced, new online casino innovative solutions are developed – all of these aspects encourage revenue and players growth by the end of 2016.