The Inbet Games company is one of the leading software developers for the gambling industry. Its products have been successfully used by gambling companies for 15 years in more than 42 countries. The InBet's solutions are especially demanded in the Eastern European market. Within the Eastern European market,  the company's software has perfectly proved itself in many projects: raging from state-run lotteries to small enterprises.

Advantages from InBet

  • Profitability. InBet implies only unique mathematical models. They provide optimal set-up of the winning system, taking into account the psychology of a gambler. This is important aspect for attracting new and retaining active players.
  • Security and financial control by operator. Developers have full access to the statistics of all financial transactions, as well as to the cashier accounts through the back-office.
  • Reliability and high quality. The InBet's software works stably even at very slow Internet connection. And clients of the company have noted the lack of typical technical problems, for example, a server crash.
  • Legality. InBet also offers to the operators ready-made, absolutely legal packages for business. They include a full set of documents adapted to the existing legislation of the country where the business activity to be conducted.
  • Relevance and popularity of visualizations. InBet keeps up with the times. Developers not only constantly improve the existing software, but also create innovative products that instantly become popular. Sound design, special effects, stunning HD-graphics - all these features became a hallmark of the InBet company.
  • Being compatible with any platforms and additional devices, the Inbet's software works with a wide range of off-site systems, such as card readers, cash acceptors, consoles, etc.
  • The InBet's games and solutions have a certified RNG tested at labs BMM and GLI in Austria, and licensed in the jurisdictions of Curacao, Lithuania and the Philippines.
  • Technical support 24/7. The company's specialists are on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They assist operators in the software installation as well as in its use.

Interesting facts

Industry events, recognitions and awards, achieved at the end of 2017:

- Inbet Games was awarded the SBC Awards 2017. It is a prize in the gaming industry that covers all spheres of gambling: Games, sports betting, betting software, etc. Every year the award complements those companies that have made the biggest contribution to the development of the industry. InBet became the winner in the "Best Sports Themed Game" nomination.

- The InBet company entered the shortlist of nominees of the prestigious International Gaming Awards (IGA) 2017 as a "Supplier-innovator". Only those manufacturers who are distinguished by their high-tech developments and innovative advantages are included in the list of IGA finalists.

Top games

Today InBet Games suggests various types of lotteries Keno and Bingo for many platforms.


The concept of the Keno game came to us from Ancient China. Initially, it used a thousand exemplary signs of the alphabet (Chinese characters) on special game sheets, which determined the winners. Later, Chinese emigrants spread the game of Keno to the west.

The word "Keno" came from the French language, which in turn came from Latin. "Quine" means "five winning numbers" in French, or "Quini" – "Every Fifth" – in Latin.

Keno has conquered the hearts of players around the world because of its ease and simplicity. The draw involves 80 balls with numbers raging from 1 to 80, the winning combination consists of 20 numbers. The winnings depend on how many numbers the player has chosen and how many of them match the obtained combination on the balls. The more numbers were chosen and guessed, the bigger the win. 

In the Google Play for Android, Live Keno app from InBet takes top positions.

Overview of InBet 0This unpretentious game of Keno has been a popular entertainment among gambling fans for many years.

Simple and clear rules, convenient intuitive management, vivid graphics and real chances of winning make this game especially attractive.

Overview of InBet 1


The concept of Bingo is believed to originate from Mexico where the game was called "Le Lotto". From there, it spread to the countries of Europe and America.

In those days, the meaning of this game was as follows: The host picked some numerated balls out of the bag. The players had paper sheets (cards), where the rows of numbers from 1 to 90 – five in each. While the host was announcing the numbers on the balls, the participants of the game placed legumes grains on the corresponding cell. Who was the first to "close" the whole line was the winner. At the same time, the winner shouted "Bean Go!". This is the whoop that gave the name to the game. 

Up to the present day, the rules of Bingo games have survived. During the draw, balls or barrels with numbers fall randomly, and players must find them and mark them on their cards. The first player marked the numbers in his card according to the terms of the draw wins. In this case he or she usually shouts: "Bingo!"

As a rule, the first winner is the one who has marked all five numbers in a row. The second is who fill two lines. The main winner is the one who has "closed" the numbers on the entire card.

In the Google Play store for Android, the lotto Bongo37 from InBet also takes top positions.

Overview of InBet 2The game Bingo37 is one of the varieties of lotto, it is also called Lucky Balls.

Bingo37 differs from the classic bingo by the fact that the developers do not issue paper tickets and do not pick barrels out of the bag. Interactive draws take place every 1.5 minutes, and the winning number determines the raffle.

Overview of InBet 3

Slotegrator and InBet

The Slotegrator company is the best solutions provider in the field of gambling. The list of its partners includes developers of software platforms, game content, as well as the largest industry media.

Recently, Slotegrator has signed a partnership agreement with InBet Games, which includes more than 100 high-quality popular games for offline and online gambling companies.

Now all the products by this developer can be easily added to the online casino platform in just one integration session – through the APIgrator from Slotegrator