Streamers are those people who show online what they are doing on their computer. 99% of this content is a video game walkthrough. Therefore, today online casino streaming is quite popular and continues to attract the attention of audience.

Other people can also monitor the streamer’s actions online, communicate in the general chat attached to the broadcast, and also send him money (donates).

How much and what do casino streamers earn?

Casino promotion

People got interested with bright images, interesting bonuses, getting warmed up with the streamer’s passion, and as a result - they are engaged with the game.

Popular streamers with hundreds of subscribers often receive an income from the online casino they play at. However, the conditions can be different. Someone receives a stable payment for advertising; someone works as an affiliate, while another enjoys bonuses and cashback or just gets money for the game.

The principle of casino affiliate programs is described in the following article.

The second option turns up as the most common one. Looking through the video of well-known gamblers, you may notice that streamers almost always leave a link to a certain casino in video’s descriptions. This is how it works.

Twitch or YouTube channel monetization

When the player's streams become more or less popular and regular, he can enter into a partnership agreement with the platform which his channel is located on and earn on streaming the casinos. On and YouTube, it works in a lot of different ways.

YouTube earn-out

On the YouTube channel, the streamer casino receives a profit for the amount of views, click-through links, and some other manipulations. In general, profit comes from advertising in one way or another. Its quantity on the channel is determined by the user. He is allowed to place advertising every 5 minutes, cover all the corners of the screen with links, start a video with a recommendation to visit a third-party resource, or it may not be inserted at all and use a standard YouTube promotions.

Earning with Twitch

On Twitch, everything works slightly different. Just like on YouTube, Twitch-streamers get advertising revenue (about $ 3.5 per 1,000 ad views), but this is not the only way to earn money.

In addition to advertising revenue, they receive a monthly profit for each paid subscriber.


It is not a usual case to collect donations through casinos or slots streaming. People watch you spinning a slot, you win money, but they do not want to give you their money. Rather, they will invest them in the casino.

Although, sometimes streamers still try to collect donates and the most charismatic even turn it out.

Most often, money is collected for deposit into a casino or some interesting thing, and to attract viewers - various additional bonuses for donations are offered: percentage of winnings during the stream, possibility to choose the slots the streamer will play on, voicing of comments on the air, etc.

Popular streamers

Over the past few years, streaming the casinos on Twitch and YouTube has become very demanded video content. Experienced gamblers and simple amateurs watch the game of popular streamers and exchange experience with other gamers. On the channels of famous gamblers you can observe how players lose tens of thousands of dollars or how they break a big jackpot and earn millions of rubles.

Among the popular streamers, it is worth paying attention to the following:

  • Vitus (Ludomania. Casino Streams).
  • Shamilian (Mr slotshunter).
  • The Zver (Zver_MKA).
  • Andrei "TTP" Nikolayev.

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