What are today's most-played types of gambling? Slotegrator has prepared a compilation of the most popular gambling games, based on the H2 Gambling Capital data on gambling revenue by type.

So, here you're welcome to find out the 5 most exciting gambling activities.

5. Bingo

Bingo - Slotegrator

According to research by H2 Gambling Capital, income from Bingo accounts for 4%.

Bingo is considered a kind of lottery that has proved very popular because it is as simple as exciting. Its history originates in sixteenth-century Europe. But the game soon became famous around the world and today is the fifth most profitable in the global gambling industry.

Bingo is a chance game based on the coincidence of numbers that are randomly selected in the process of drawing. Players, in turn, mark off matching numbers on their cards. The winner is the first one who marks off all the numbers in the card.

4. Poker

Poker - Slotegrator

Poker takes 6% of global gambling revenue. This game is likely one of the oldest card games and, by far, the most controversial. There is still considerable debate about time and place of its origin. It is believed that the first game called "Poker" is mentioned in sixteenth-century chronicles.

Also, many discussions are taking place nowadays on the issue whether poker is a type of gambling or sports, since some countries regulate the game as gambling while others – as sports.

Success in poker depends on strategy and skills of the player. There are two ways to win: to have the best hand at showdown or to force all your opponents to fold their cards.

3. State Lottery

Lottery - Slotegrator

According to H2 Gambling Capital, the figure of 9% applied to gambling revenue from State Lotteries. Lottery is one of the oldest gambling entertainments. It was first mentioned in the Bible when God ordered Moses to use a lottery to parcel out the land along the River Jordan.

The game is based on numbers. They are depicted on the player card in several lines. The winnings are determined by random draw: the machine randomly chooses the numbers that are marked off by players. You make a line when you mark off all the numbers in the row during the draw.

In a different kind of lottery, a player needs to choose some numbers in a specific range and hope that they will appear during the draw.

State Lotteries use tickets instead of cards. Part of the proceeds from ticket sales goes to prizes, and the rest goes to the state.

2. Casino

casino - Slotegrator

According to the research by H2 Gambling Capital, gambling revenue from casino games accounts for 26%. The history of the casino began in Europe. The first official casino was opened in 1638 in Venice, Italy. Having successfully conquered the Old World, casino games also invaded the Asian gambling market and became insanely popular there.

The Chinese and other peoples of Southeast Asia are considered the most avid gamblers in the world. For example, before the World War I, the main part of the state budget of Thailand was brought by licensed gambling establishments.

In essence, casino is a gambling house offering various types of gambling: roulette, slot machines, card tables, dice, etc. The gameplay is conducted and controlled by the dealer.

1. Betting

Betting - Slotegrator

And the winner in our countdown is betting. Betting sector brings 50% of global gambling revenue based on information supplied by H2 Gambling Capital. The history of sports betting dates back to the antiquity. In the past, the ancient Romans used to wager on the outcome of gladiator games, for example. At the time, that fierce form of gambling was one of the favourite activities of many Roman rulers.

However, present-day sports betting was introduced fairly recently during the period of explosive development of horse racing. Therefore, modern betting takes its roots in 19-century England being the first country to hold horse racing event.

Sports betting is a form of gambling when people place wagers on the outcome of a sporting event. However, the difference between sports betting and casino gambling is that the odds of winning are unknown, they are only estimated. Thus, winning depends on the punter's ability to analyse sports events and make the right predictions.