Slotegrator has already made a thorough review of popular in Eastern European gambling websites. Now we are gradually approaching to the foreign ones. To begin with, it’s necessary to mention that they differ greatly from those represented in Eastern European countries in terms of quantity and content. 

Without a doubt, there are some similarities between their contents; for instance, all foreign websites are likely to provide their users with the latest news, analytics, interviews, specialized articles. 

However, the general quantity of experts and specialized analytical resources that cater information to side media resources is way higher. So, what are the most solicited foreign gaming websites currently existing in the World Wide Web? 

We are not going to discuss newspaper editions that serve as a base for any written material for the foreign media news feed. Only online media resources are taken into consideration.

Top three sought web sites

Casino News Today gives its own daily review of foreign events from the world of casinos, developers and gaming companies. Here you may also find current financial data of the leading companies in iGaming hierarchy. Special attention is given to the previews of the upcoming slot games, new developers, vendors, new games kick-offs in virtual casinos and etc.

Casino Journal posts various data about the current state of gambling markets. It is basically focused on innovations and specialized reviews of the innovative technological developments. In terms of content it covers all countries in the world except Eastern European countries. As it is stated in the following materials, special attention is drawn to the upcoming and actual gambling events.

Calvin Ayre appears to be an informative online website dedicated to gambling, separately to pocker, fantasy sport and current tournaments. Journalists of this media resource take part in gambling events subsequently publishing reviews, giving insights into performances of the experts, etc. Certainly, it is possible to say that it is a distinctive feature of this very website. 

Top three leaders in terms of content and popularity

Gambling Insider offers a wide news feed being updated a couple of times per day, precisely – evening time. Due to implementation of big amounts of side media, publications regarding the latest events here appear earlier than on the rest of foreign media resources. The lion share of attention is allotted to companies and their inner developments, special offers, financial achievements, regulatory bodies.  

Yogonet presents variative content about some of the foreign gaming events. The news seems to be quite considerable and informative. There you may also find data regarding analytical companies and current gaming event reviews.

iGaming Business is one of the eagerly sought, popular and interesting foreign gaming resources. The news feed is on the fore as well as press releases and information about new product launching. One of the highlights of the website is a so called Intelligence Centre that posts the up-to-date analytical data, forecasts by consulting companies, etc. The access is limited, so in order to get it one should authorize after receiving positive confirmation. It should be certainly said that it’s a long time-consuming process, especially if you have a language barrier. But the result is well worth it: you will be equipped with the latest, valuable and essential information from the world of iGaming. 

Some of the gambling resources for those who are simply interested 

iNter Game Online is an interesting or even extraordinary media resource, quite simple and plain in terms of visual layout and inner fill up. News from the world of casino, developers, deals and the rest of important events are present, however, the informative content is quite scarce. On the other hand, there are pretty enough publications regarding international gaming events, that is quite important thing if you want to keep up the key gambling occurrences. 

News World Casino Directory, at first sight, looks a bit complicated. If you keep scrolling down the page you might find open news inserts telling about pocker, casino, Asian, European, American and African gambling. The resource it quite good, however, there is too much content that is quite confounding at times. There you may find different categories of lotteries, betting and races. The site provides info on basic gambling rules, latest news and key events. 

Gaming Intelligence is less compatible with the rest of resources in terms of significance and topicality of content. The difference is not that big, but, for instance, the user following daily news will feel it while comparing Calvin Ayre with Gaming Intelligence. There is no significant difference between contents except a section called Jobs that provides information about the latest vacancies available. Anyway, the same might be spotted on such resources as iGaming Business, Yogonet, etc.


The choice of informative resources of valuable data is, of course, your personal issue. Slotegrator made its own review of the main popular media resources requested among those who are interested in gambling and iGaming industry.