Live dealer games are the biggest trend in the online gambling sector. Innovative suppliers like Evolution Gaming spend millions of dollars on game content production, talent recruitment, and studio maintenance, but the revenue growth generated by live dealer games means that the return on investment far outweighs the initial costs.

Here, Slotegrator presents seven reasons why live dealer games are more engaging than slots or RNG-based games and why operators should offer them for their players.

1. Broad Appeal

Live dealer games can reach new demographics. They have an appeal that bridges the online/offline divide - going in both directions. Most Millennials have never set foot inside a brick and mortar casino. They are constantly surrounded by screens and spend their lives online. Live dealer games bring the traditional casino experience to them on their terms by providing them with an interactive style of gameplay that slots cannot offer.

For older players who only know the traditional casino experience, live dealer games offer them what they already love in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Live dealer games could be their introduction to online casinos.

2. Variety

All online casinos have slots, but integrating live dealer games gives operators a way to differentiate themselves. Adding live blackjack, poker or roulette to an online casino provides some much-needed variety. Some developers also offer innovative new games. Live dealer games could be what makes the difference when players are choosing an online casino.

3. Community

Chatting with the dealer and the other players creates a feeling of community that online slots don’t have. As more and more of the world’s population uses the internet as a means to socialize, playing solitary online games will have less appeal, and the social aspect of live dealer games will become an even greater advantage.

4. Transparency

Some players mistrust RNG-based games because they believe they cannot be sure if the game is fair. They consider live dealer games to be more transparent, as they can clearly see the game in progress.

5. Accessibility

Technological improvements like faster data speed and better video streaming quality have allowed operators to format live dealer games for smaller screens. Players can now easily enjoy live blackjack or poker on their mobiles without a hitch.

6. Innovation

Some developers want to see how far they can push the envelope. In addition to offering exciting new twists on the classics, they are creating completely new games tailored to the live dealer format. Companies such as Evolution Gaming offer inventive new games like Monopoly and Deal or No Deal, which can be a great selling point when marketing your brand and acquiring new customers. By introducing innovative new forms of gaming, live dealer game developers have the potential to reshape the future of online gambling.

7. Revenues

Leading developers are reporting revenue increases every year, and platform operators that offer live dealer games have reported that the percentage of their revenues generated by live dealer games is increasing as well.

As live dealer games increase in quality and popularity, operators will benefit more and more from integrating them into their online platforms. For all the reasons above, live dealer games are a vital addition to online casinos.

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