Social networks have long become a fundamental part of modern life. They allow us to communicate freely, to learn new things and to have fun while playing games.

Social gambling appeared more than 10 years and has had a strong following ever since. Unlike casino games, social gambling does not provide for cash winnings. Nevertheless, social online slots are ideal for getting a great gaming experience and different perks. Often, players can spend them on extra features in the game or social network.

Besides, the social slots are free to play, which makes them more safe and accessible for everyone, irrespective of age and country of residence. The players are not at any risk to fail, to be cheated or to get addicted to gambling. As an offshoot, social slot can also increase customer loyalty to your real money online casino.

Thus, social gambling is an excellent alternative for countries where online gambling is prohibited. That is why the team of Slotegrator has figured out how much it costs to create an online social slot and to make it a success.

Target Audience

When creating a social slot, you should aim at those customers who like gambling. If you already have an online casino with regular players, invite them to try their luck in your social slot. This approach, unlike searching new customers, will immediately ensure the loyalty of the players and allow you to reach the desired efficiency faster.


To make a popular and demanded social slot, it is necessary to explore the latest gaming trends. For example, you can see that your players mostly prefer games featuring historical events or modern movies. Thus, it would be reasonable to use storylines of the most played slots. This will allow as quickly as possible to excite the curiosity of the audience and to make a successful slot.


Social slot menu should be not only beautiful but also understandable for every player. A user-friendly design does not need to be overwhelmed with dozens of options. It is enough to add the essential sections that are commonly present in online casinos: game rules, bonuses, tournaments etc.


As social games do not involve any real money, be sure to keep the interest of users by rewarding them with various bonuses. It may be virtual poker chips, points, scores and even gifts as perks after achieving a certain level in the game. They will attract players and will motivate them to return to play the social slot again.


Honesty and transparency is the greatest secret to success in both casino and social slots. To attract and retain the clients, it is necessary to ensure safe gameplay, user data privacy and fair winnings. Thus, you will make a positive impression about your social slot and engender confidence in your brand.