Slots RTP in 2021, or Why does the house always win

Times change: mechanical slot machines are being gradually substituted by hi tech electronic devices or permanently move to online environments in a form of innovative software products. The risk of being deceived by a gambling house is minimized to zero and is strictly regulated by legislators. Various elaborated strategies applied by gamblers in order to win do not work as well – impartial random-number generators show unpredictable results.

Is it possible to outgame the house? The answer to this question is hidden not in the area of bonuses or exorbitant multipliers, but is tightly connected with the concept of slots RTP, a notion usually mentioned by gaming software developers in their technical descriptions to slots they provide.

What is RTP?

RTP - it’s the amount of wins paid to a gambler in percentage determined by a developer in a certain slot.
The said notion is an abbreviation for “Return to Player”.

The RTP index specifies an exact ratio designating percentage rating between gamblers’ wins and casinos’ incomes. If the RTP rate indicted in technical specifications of the slot accounts for 95%, then it’s exactly the percentage a gambler gets out of a total bet. In such a manner, the house for sure gets the remaining 5 %.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t necessarily mean that for a dollar you will get only 95 cents. Everything is so unpredictable: you can hit the jackpot simply after two spins or, on the contrary, wait for your prize for a long time spending significant sums of money on bets. One of the main reasons for that is dispersion, which is one of objective properties of a random data generator. The RTP rate takes dispersion into account and functions for the long - term perspective, as long as it takes around one thousand of spins to prove the verity of promised percentage.

RTP comparison. What does the RTP index depend on?

The percentage of payoffs in any slot depend on regulator’s requirements and mathematical models used by a developer. All of the functions present in a slot such as bonus levels, jackpots, etc. comply with a certain scenario taking into account the RTP index. A slot, having low payoff percentage or a slot that simply doesn’t correspond to minimal requirements won’t be licensed. The said index varies from 80% to 95% depending on the country. For instance, in Russia this index has to be not less than 90%, while in Australia not less than 85%. Companies specializing in online casino gaming software try to stick to such standards. Some developers create slots with similar RTP characteristics, while others develop slots with different RTP rates. For example, Endorphina and Amatic Industries provide slots offering 96% of payoffs, while this ratio varies from 91% up to 97% in slots developed by NetEnt and BetSoft.

Can operators independently set RTP indices in their slots?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Actually, changes to RTP rates are practically impossible, as long as RTP has already been embedded into the programme code by a developer. However, we should not exclude situations when changes to such codes can be made by talented hackers, but apparently it is impossible due to complexity of the whole process.

Slots with the best RTPs to use in your casino

While selecting gaming software for your gambling house, find out more not only about RTP indices, but also about dispersion characteristics of your potential slots. Slots can be divided by the type of dispersion into the following categories:

  • Low dispersion – is represented by a slot that provides you with insignificant wins practically at every other stage of the gameplay.
  • High dispersion – is represented by a slot bringing sustainable wins, but quite rarely.

Slots with low dispersion characteristics are very appealing due to the frequency of winnings they bring, giving gamblers a feeling of endless luckiness, while high dispersion slots draw attention due to big wins they promise. As a result, gamblers spend more time enjoying the slot and increasing casinos´ incomes with every other spin. According to some experts, low dispersion slots, as a rule, bring high percentage of payoffs. Gamblers might be frequently getting insignificant wins spending long hours online, while the house keeps winning. Besides, gamblers believe, that it is preferable to play low dispersion slots placing maximum bets only, which is another advantage of such slots.

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