We at Slotegrator company that is the famous supplier and developer of online casino software are always waiting for Halloween every year. Thus, we've decided to pick up seven spooky slots to play on Halloween 2018.

Halloween, or All Saints' Eve, is traditionally celebrated from October 31 through November 1 in all Catholic countries. In recent years, this holiday has become very popular all over the world. After all, it is a good reason to get freaky and bring fun to a horror level by dressing up as your favourite characters and getting a lot of thrills and sweet wins. Today Halloween is already celebrated by millions, and sometimes called as the new Christmas.

Therefore, many gamblers find such slot machines very entertaining, especially near the holiday itself. Besides, Halloween is just endless source of inspiration and adrenaline rush for real thrill-thickers.

On Allhallows’ Eve, all gambling software developers are thriving to surprise their fans by releasing new horror online slots. They offer exciting storylines, modern graphics, realistic animation and a variety of bonuses.

8 Super Scary Slots in the Slotegrator's View

Dia de los Muertos by Endorphina

This fresh slot machine is completely made in the spirit of another, Halloween-like holiday, Day of the Dead. The slot tells us about origin of the famous Mexico's celebration.

Ancient tribes, who lived in Mexico before the arrival of the Spaniards, believed that on this day, the souls of their deceased relatives come to visit their families.

Dia de los Muertos slot by Endorphina

So the souls did not get lost, ancient Mexicans organised lavish night carnivals and dressed up like underworld creatures. And along the pathways from the cemeteries, they put burning candles, skeletons figures, sugar skulls, flower petals, colourful ribbons, etc.

All these attributes of the ancient celebration are depicted as symbols landing on the reels of the new Endorphina’s slot.

Also, Slotegrator offers all online casino operators wishing to integrate this slot to take part in the special promotion dedicated to Halloween.

Castle Blood by GameArt

This video slot is all about vampires, that reminds the famous Underworld film.

The game takes place in a bone-chilling ancient castle stuffed with enigmas of the mystical. After all, there's an entire bloodline of vampires and werewolves. Don't you worry, evil hunters will help your players in their exciting journey through the dark halls and sinister rooms.

Castle blood by Gameart - Slotegrator

The dark atmosphere of the slot is empowered by original design, impressive sounds and animation effects. Also, players will be pleased with a variety of payment options and bonus features.

Crystal Mystery by GameArt

Crystal Mystery is yet another immersive slot game from GameArt. Its storyline is about a beautiful treasure hunter who went to search for precious crystals.

The action takes place in the abandoned Aztecs pyramids. The main relic left behind by the great civilization is a crystal in the form of a human skull of some magic power.

Crystal Mystery by GameArt - Slotegrator

The plot thickens during a whole game process that is set against golden backdrop covered with mysterious carvings.

Lost Vegas by Microgaming

We would have been wrong by not including Z-theme into our Halloween slots compilation. The beloved of all Microgaming nailed it taking the city of Las Vegas full of walking dead as main theme of their scary casino slot. Bloodthirsty zombies roam the deserted streets of the previously famous city turned into ruins.

Lost Vegas Slot by Microgaming - Slotegrator

An unknown to humanity virus brought the apocalypse to Las Vegas where the remaining survivors are battling with the walking dead. Here, players can pick the side to be on – zombies or people. However, you can change your mind during the game.

This is what makes Lost Vegas slot a unique and exciting adventure.

Crypt of the Vampires by Red Rake

We could never get enough of vampires, so Crypt of the Vampires is another blood slot that will be interesting for Halloween fans. The casino game offers gamblers to plunge into the chilling world of vampires.

Besides, this slot machine comes with unusual layout of 4х3х3х3х4 featuring symbols of burning candles, tombstones, crosses, blood vessels, etc.

Crypt of the Vampires by Red Rake - Slotegrator

The slot is set as a crypt with coffins of four vampires: Gabriel, Elizabeth, Oliver and Sophie. At night, they go out and search for blood. Crucifixes and garlic will help not to become a victim of bloodsuckers and a variety of additional options and bonus features make the gameplay even more fun.

Dracula's Family by Playson

This slot machine is dedicated to famous bedtime story about Dracula and his infamous family. Players will visit one of the mysterious rooms in the devilish castle of the count.

On the play table of Dracula's Family slot, they will meet the main members of the vampire family, as well as special symbols appearing as droopy eyes and the logo of the game.

Dracula's Family by Playson - Slotegrator

Devilish design, realistic animation and spooky sound effects fit the upcoming Halloween at its best. This is what distinguishes Dracula's Family from other slot machines and makes it popular among fans of horror gambling.

Zombirthday by Playson

Halloween is not only about horror but fun and horror. And Playson knows it by letting crazy zombies to throw a birthday party. Or should we call it a deathday?

Zombirthday is a cartoonish video slot designed in acid colours. The hell party takes place in the godforsaken graveyard surrounded by rotten trees and misshapen tombstones inhabited by zombies. Symbols appears as different zombie-themed things.

Zombirthday by Playson - Slotegrator

Zombirthday online slot captures players with simple rules, dynamic plot and opportunities to win big. High-quality animation and sound effects make gameplay as realistic as possible.

Pumpkin Patch by Habanero

Pumpkin Patch is another bright video slot from the famous casino software developer Habanero. Right before All Saint’s Day, our Asian gambling behemoth came up with a Halloween-themed video slot. Despite being simple and fun, Pumpkin Patch will fit any online casino library and attract even more thrill-seekers. And Jack O'Lantern, Scarecrow, Corn, Crow, Acorn and Squirrel as main attributes of the holiday will be following players on their way to big wins.

Pumpkin Patch by Habanero - Slotegrator