Pretty soon, on August 5, the world will be stirred up with the next incredible sports event – 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Brazil. The most prestigious and reputable sports competition will be held in the biggest cities of the country: Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Sao Paulo and Salvador. Thisyear,theOlympicsscaleiscolossal: the record amount of participating countries – more than 205, the biggest amount of medals – 306.    

This sporting event will be significant for the world betting industry, as well. Betting shops have begun accepting bets long before Olympics and will keep doing so up to the closing day.     

Olympic Games are the wide activity area for sport betting lovers, being also a real Klondike of sport events and a great variety of lines and bet types.   

This year Olympics program in Rio includes 33 sports (besides, several of them have their own subtypes). Thenewsportsin 2016 are golf and rugby sevens that have been included into the list of Olympic sports.  

The bet type and competition outcome depend on the kind of sports – a team or individual one. However, there are opinions that it is much easier to predict the outcome of two competitors than two teams, but, for instance, trauma history of a single athlete influences more the result rather than the whole team.     

Team Olympic sports

Boat racing


Water polo

Synchronized swimming


Beach volleyball


Rugby sevens


Field hockey


Individual (double) sports 

Boat racing



Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling

Cycling: track racing, road racing,

Mountain bike, BMX


Highboard diving

Synchronized swimming


Rowing and canoeing

Artistic gymnastics

Modern rhythmic gymnastics

Trampoline tumbling


Horseracing: dressage, show-jumping



Table tennis


Modern pentathlon









As to the popularity of bookmaker's bets, it likely depends on the individual player’s choice. Everyone bets on their favorite sport or on that kind, which they are informed of.      

Surely, you can choose the most popular top sports, such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, boxing, wrestling etc.

In this very case, you can find a lot of information whether how and who it is better to bet on: read opinions of experts and analysts, examine predictions, bet strategies of experienced bettors.   

Or you can do vice versa: bet on the least popular sport like trampoline tumbling, mountain bike, BMX or sports added this year: golf and rugby sevens. In such case, it is much faster to examine these sports and learn the ins and outs as well as puzzle out the tournament history etc. But it is a bit false notion; despite the fact how popular the sport is, you can find all necessary information. And if there is not enough information about a certain league or tournament, one should not deal with such a sport.         

Well, it is impossible to say that there are more successful or profitable sports: bets on any sports require experience, awareness and, certainly, luck. 

Do not rush from one league to another, change one sport for another new for you, only when something going wrong or after the first failure. It is better to stop for a while and sort out the situation. Observe, learn, try various bet options, play calmly and systematic. The more experience you get, the easier you will predict the outcome of your favorite sport.