The Most Popular Sports Disciplines for Betting and Their Predictability

Beginning punters may have questions about which sports disciplines offer the best chances to win. Apart from having some basic knowledge of teams and players, it is also important to understand the sport’s predictability.

First, to decide which sports are the easiest to bet on, beginning punters should understand that the higher the odds offered by betting companies are, the smaller the chance of winning is. Additionally, the complexity of the sports discipline also plays a role. Here, Slotegrator explains some popular sports disciplines and their predictability.


Tennis is an incredibly popular sport. However, it can be quite unpredictable for punters. Tennis is almost always played individually, so the outcome very often depends on the condition of a particular player on a particular day.

Also, tennis, like some other popular sports, can be vulnerable to match-fixing. For instance, when a clear favorite plays against an underdog, the high odds against the weaker player provide a perfect opportunity for fraud, and the higher-seeded player may suddenly and mysteriously underperform.

However, the fact that there are only two potential results of the match - a win for player A and a win for player B - makes tennis an appealing sports discipline to choose when it comes to placing wagers.

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When it comes to football, having three possible outcomes makes it harder to predict the result. The match can result in victory, draw and defeat, leaving punters with a 33.3% chance of winning.

Moreover, as football is probably the most popular sports discipline in the world, it provides plenty of tempting opportunities for corruption, meaning that the possibilities of match-fixing increase. This can add a layer of unpredictability to betting on football, as the outcome can be predetermined, and even punters with the necessary knowledge and analytical skills may lose.


Basketball is considered a predictable sport. The first reason is that unlike some sports, basketball bets are often two-way bets, not three-way, which increases the chances of winning from 33% up to 50%.

There are many types of bets for basketball games, and the odds are usually reasonable. Therefore, if the punter is a real basketball fan who follows the games and knows how various teams perform, he has a good chance of making winning predictions.

Another crucial aspect of the game is that basketball has a different point system from those used in football or hockey. Basketball is a fast-paced sport where scores are usually very high, which allows punters with some basic knowledge of the game to bet successfully if they choose Over/Under bets and handicaps.

Horse racing and speedway

Both horse racing and speedway are very popular sports for punters to bet on. However, they are quite unpredictable. In horse racing, the outcome mainly depends on the physical condition of the horse, as well as on the presence or absence of distractions and injuries.

As for speedway, the most important factors are the motorbikes and the riders. Analyzing the statistics and performance history of a specific driver is easier than reviewing the data about the whole team. However, it is also important to remember that speedway depends on machines, which can always break down.

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