Virtual sports are popular among punters because of the wide range of advantages they offer. Slotegrator has prepared a list of top 10 virtual sports for betting that attract gamblers.

1. Virtual Football

Football is one of the most popular real sports for betting, so it has become the leading one in the virtual sports betting as well. Virtual football is very similar to the real one, however, apart from the fact that the outcome is determined by the random number generator (RNG), the matches are shorter than in reality.

Virtual football has become popular among stakerspunters as it offers a high-quality game and competitive odds. Games provide an opportunity to bet on well-known players and teams but don’t require the prior knowledge of competitions’ statistics and data.

Virtual football still doesn’t offer live betting, however, many industry experts expect this opportunity to appear in the near future. Today, punters still get a wide choice of bets:

  • match winner;
  • number of goals;
  • correct score;
  • total;
  • handicap, etc.

2. Virtual Tennis

Virtual tennis has also become a popular sport discipline as it requires no knowledge of tennis to place bets and recreates the real tournament atmosphere with the help of high-quality graphics and animations.

The main difference between virtual and real-life tennis is that real tennis competitions can last between two and five sets, while virtual tennis tournaments usually offer one game. As for the betting options, punters can place bets on:

  • match winner;
  • total points;
  • correct score.

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3. Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual horse racing is popular among punters due to its similarities with real horse racing. The matches are covered in the same way as the real competitions with the same camera angles and information displayed.

As for the differences, in virtual horse racing, odds are always fixed, and races are never canceled because of the weather problems.

4. Virtual Basketball

Virtual basketball offers a range of matches with prototypes of the real athletes. Punters have a possibility to bet 24/7 and choose among various types of bets:

  • match winner;
  • total points;
  • handicap;
  • winning margin, and many others.

5. Virtual Greyhounds

Virtual greyhound betting is almost identical to virtual horse racing, and the betting options offer the same excitement as in real-life matches.

Among the advantages of the virtual greyhounds, there are instant results, no required knowledge, and no canceled races.

6. Virtual Speedway Racing

Among the most popular virtual sports for betting, there is the virtual speedway, a motorcycle racing sport with four or six riders taking part. In most cases, punters can bet on the winner or sometimes make a forecast.

Apart from realistic animations, many virtual sports providers offer a possibility to adjust matches to local time and weather conditions to make the competition more real.

7. Virtual Badminton

With the virtual badminton, all enthusiasts of this sports discipline get a chance to bet without the need to wait for the actual competition to start. Virtual badminton features well-known sports stars, offering punters a chance to place a wager on individual performance.

8. Virtual Cycling

Virtual cycling matches are set to take place at the velodrome similar to the ones punters know from the Olympic Games. Usually, races feature between 6 and 9 riders, and allow punters to place bets on:

  • race winner;
  • forecast;
  • tricast.

9. Virtual Baseball

Virtual baseball attracts many sports lovers and allows placing bets as in the actual tournaments. Punters get an opportunity to choose between Money Line, Run Line, and Total. The advantage of virtual baseball is that punters don’t have to know any statistics and evaluate previous matches.

10. Virtual Trotting

Betting on virtual trotting reminds betting principles of virtual horse racing and greyhound racing. Usually, punters get such betting options as wagers on winner, forecast, and tricast. As in other virtual sports, results are known instantly, and no races can be canceled.

Virtual sports provide a unique betting experience as gamblers get a chance to place bets 24/7, while high-quality graphics make virtual sports a great addition to any gambling platform.