Ethereum, one of the largest blockchain networks in the world, is known for its capability to create a variety of DApps using the network’s smart contracts. The gambling industry is attracting the attention of many DApp developers, so Slotegrator suggests looking into the top 5 decentralized gambling applications that use Ethereum.


Play2Win is a gambling platform built on the Blockchain Ethereum Smart Contract. It ensures a high level of security and fairness, as smart contracts make automatic payouts when players win. The platform offers a wide range of games, including roulette, various slots, and even folk games such as dice and rock-paper-scissors.

In order to play, users must first put some ETH in their crypto wallet. When they make deposits, ETHs are converted into gaming COINS (1 ETH = 1000 gaming COINS). After clicking the “withdraw” button, COINS are automatically converted back into ETHs and sent to the player’s wallet.

Games: slots, casino games, folk games

Traffic: 1000 players daily

Daily volume: $15.9k

2. CokeBet

CokeBet is a platform for playing dice that is built on State Channel technology and Ethereum. State Channels enable fair, scalable transactions and ensure immense throughput.

The platform doesn’t save users’ private keys on the server, and players don’t have to pay any fees. Apart from that, the betting results can always be verified, and CokeBet allows playing with a small amount, starting from 0.01 ETH.

Games: dice

Traffic: 814 players daily

Daily volume: $2.9k

3. FCK

FCK is a decentralized gaming platform based on Ethereum and the first licensed blockchain casino. The platform guarantees a high level of fairness, transparency, and anonymity.

The gaming website provides various classical casino games, and the highest possible prize for a single bet is 220 ETH.

Games: dice, poker, roulette, lottery, etc.

Traffic: 556 players daily

Daily volume: $911.3k

4. is a platform for playing dice in a fair and transparent way using ETH. No sign-ups or deposits are needed, and players can start gambling right away. Ethereum’s smart contract allows results to be verified, a transparent and trustworthy website. Moreover, placing a bet on the platform has a lower transaction fee than other websites - 0.01 ETH.

Games: dice

Traffic: 34 players daily

Daily volume: $216.4k

5. Etheroll

Etheroll is the Ethereum-based dice game that ensures fair gaming without sign-ups and deposits. Players are able to place bets on the result of a 100-sided dice roll using ETH. Payouts are guaranteed by smart contracts that activate automatically.

Games: dice

Traffic: 28 players daily

Daily volume: $31.5k

Ethereum blockchain’s smart contracts guarantee fair payouts, and the decentralized technology allows accessing and verifying the outcomes at any time.