On the eve of the All Saints' Day, Slotegrator presents a themed collection of slots for online casino operators.

Traditionally, Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated on October 31 in western countries. With globalization, the fest of Halloween became wide-known among many European, Eastern European, and other countries. Moreover, Halloween has been becoming an increasingly popular festival with each year.

In gambling, the holiday themes are actively applied in slot machines, which make them emotionally rich and interesting. At the dawn of Halloween, many leading developers usually tend to release new horror slots, which become instantly popular among gamblers and thrill seekers.

Today, Slotegrator presents the hottest Halloween slots developed by the best game manufacturers. Online casino operators can make use of them in their advertising and marketing campaigns relating to the Halloween holiday. Usage of fashionable trends will help the gaming industry to successfully attract new players and keep already involved ones in the face of the current fierce market competition.

Here we introduce the scary slot machines given by Slotegrator:

1. Halloween

Halloween - Developer: Microgaming

Developer: Microgaming


  • Bonus Game, Bonus symbols, FreeSpins, Reels doubling, The choosing or changing of design and / or character, Wild.
  • RTP – 96-98%.
  • HTML5.

Microgaming dedicated its new videoslot called Halloween to the forthcoming holiday. The story is based on the famous American slasher film released in 1978.

It is a story about Michael Myers, who, on Halloween night in 1963 at the age of six, murdered his sister. Fifteen years later, having become a serial killer, he returned to his hometown to continue his evil deeds.

Halloween - Developer: Microgaming pic1Halloween - Developer: Microgaming pic2

Halloween is a real horror slot with all the relating standards, including sinister soundtracks and characters from the movie. Players are offered to walk over a creepy house belonging to Michael Myers. Bonus round gives an opportunity to break away from the murderer whose shadow is constantly haunting a player.

This Halloween slot machine is full of mysteries and secrets to be enjoyed by every thrill lover.

2. The Dead Escape

The Dead Escape - Developer: Habanero

Developer: Habanero


  • Substitution Symbols, FreeSpins, FreeSpins Multiplier, Gamble, Jackpot, Multiplier, Risk (Double) game, Scatter symbols, Wild.
  • RTP – 96-98%.
  • HTML5.

Apocalyptic scenarios are considered as another popular topic of today's slot machines. One of the most common subjects of this genre is when people are infected and become zombies - the main heroes of The Dead Escape slot by Habanero Systems.

The game dazzles players, keeping them in tension during the whole gaming process. The developers succeed with creating an atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic world. The plot is built on an attempt of survivors to get out of the contaminated area bursting of zombies.

The Dead Escape  Developer: Habanero pic1

High-quality graphics, creepy music, and corresponding gameplay will not leave indifferent any lover of scary movies. In addition, it features a progressive jackpot that can be won by anyone and will help attract additional interest from players.

3. Castle Blood

Castle Blood  Developer: GameArt

Developer: GameArt


  • 3D, FreeSpins, Multiplier, Risk (Double) game, Scatter symbols, Wild.
  • RTP – 96-98%.
  • HTML5.

The Castle Blood slot from GameArt is about vampires. The storyline is very emotional: intriguing and mystical actions heat up the atmosphere of the game.

In the script, a player needs to discover an ancient castle inhabited by a clan of vampires. Apart from them, werewolves and those heroes who fiercely battling the undead will come up on the way. The slot plot resembles a famous film about Van Helsing, which is considered as a classic of the genre.

Castle Blood  Developer: GameArt pic1Castle Blood  Developer: GameArt pic2

Visual design is exactly the same as the storyline: whole world around is dark, dull, and mystical. Great graphics and sounds create a full presence in a mysterious castle located high in the mountains.

The gaming machine of Castle Blood will not leave indifferent lovers of vampire theme, gloomy stories, and those who willing to feel the diversity of emotions given by horror games.

4. Voodoo

Voodoo  Developer: Endorphina

Developer: Endorphina


  • Expanding Sympbols, FreeSpins, Wild.
  • RTP – 96-98%.
  • HTML5.

The Endorphina company devoted one of its games to Voodoo magic, which is also a very demanded among lovers of all mystical and terrible stuff, which define the game to be a scary slot. The very title of the slot machine, Voodoo, says that its plot is about witchcraft and ritual practice.

The players are invited to the mystical forest to carry out a witchcraft-related ritual. The color scheme is very suitable: incredibly beautiful emerald shades mixed with black. All of this creates an atmosphere of terrible dark forest, where, in the storyline, events are going on. The feeling is supplemented by the appropriate attribution: full moon, skulls sticking on sharp sticks, high-tree trunks, and thick fog in the background.

Voodoo  Developer: Endorphina pic1

The slot design has been considered to the smallest detail. The game depicts vines, ritual drums, glowing candles and corresponding musical accompaniment, all this put a player into an atmosphere of ritual that can bring a big gain.

5. Abundance Spell

Abundance Spell  Developer: Spinomenal

Developer: Spinomenal


  • Bonus Game, Bonus symbols, Expanding Sympbols, FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Wild.
  • RTP – 96-98%.
  • HTML5.

Abundance Spell is a slot about black magic. The Spinomenal company has, as always, focused on the user interface which resulted with this terrific game. This outstanding game rewards players with positive impressions, making them to remember it for a long time after.

Abundance Spell  Developer: Spinomenal pic1Abundance Spell  Разработчик: Spinomenal pic2

The gaming machine, Abundance Spell, suggests users to dive into a world of creepy blood-chilling fantasy. On the green background of a devilish jungle, there are five reels and three winning lines. The symbols of scary dolls, skulls, and other attributes of horror genre appear on the reels.

6. Zombie Escape

Zombie Escape  Developer: Join Games

Developer: Join Games


  • Bonus Game, BonusGame: Pick Objects, FreeSpins, Multiplier, Scatter symbols, Wild.
  • RTP – 96-98%.
  • HTML5.

The players who prefer a horror fantasy genre will surely be surprised with another spectacular slot called Zombie Escape developed by Join Games.

Customers are going to observe how a man is struggling with a terrible strain of some terrible virus turning all humans into some vicarious bloodthirsty monsters. With each spin, the player is personally involved in the struggle for survival because of this terrible epidemic that already gripped most of the planet.

The lovers of chilling soul stories about zombies and apocalypse will appreciate the appropriate graphic style and sound of this slot.

7. Horror Circus

Horror Circus  Developer: Join Games

Developer: Join Games


  • 3D, Bonus Game, Bonus symbols, BonusGame: Pick Objects, Scatter symbols, Wild.
  • RTP – 96-98%.
  • HTML5.

Another grim slot represented by Join Games tells about a terrible circus with scary artists. The Horror Circus game proposes players to enjoy an impressive spectacle.

The circus performance is participated by devils, a laughing maiden dressed in a leather suit, and an idiotic clown with bloody makeup. Among the symbols coming up on the reels, there are a candle on the skull, a ticket to the circus, and five card values with flashing lights, chains and various instruments of torture. The ominous atmosphere is contributed by a knife-thrower in hoodie together with a specific musical accompaniment.

Like all the horror slots, Horror Circus, combines colorful images, design, quality graphics, and impressive screen animation, which create a realistic sinister atmosphere. All of this is an undoubted slot's dignity that will attract horror movies lovers.


MONSTER WHEELS  Developer: Microgaming

Developer: Microgaming


  • FreeSpins, FreeSpins Mode Choosing, Multiplier, Scatter symbols, The choosing or changing of design and / or character, Wild.
  • RTP – 96-98%.
  • HTML5.

As a continuation of the Halloween theme, Microgaming released another gaming machine to hit a nerve of players. Monster Wheels is an original game with non-standard options of monster gaming machines series.

Its reels are occupied by helks, werewolves, vampires, a revive mummy, a Frankenstein's monster, and other representatives of undead. They all participate in a fascinating racing among supercars. There are also images of six playing cards in the slot.

There are 5 columns of different heights in the game. Players are given the choice of one of two game modes: 128 and 288 lines.

MONSTER WHEELS  Developer: Microgaming pic1MONSTER WHEELS  Developer: Microgaming pic2

High-quality graphics in vivid color gamma, unusual character positioning, fascinating themes - all of this should make the new game of Monster Wheels, and like all the monster slots, to be popular among online gamblers.

9. Vampires

Vampires  Developer: Amatic

Developer: Amatic


  • RTP – 96-98%.
  • HTML5.

The Austrian company - Amatic - recently released a new game slot dedicated to a vampire theme under the self-titled name - Vampires.

The vampire attributes, as well as the characters who are constantly thirsty for fresh blood, will never get old and always be in the trend. That is why they were and remain immortal and impervious to fashion and changing tastes.

The Vampires slot design is done in the Gothic style. There are playing cards and thematic symbols that are shining all shades and creating a feeling that the moonlight is reflected back from them. Stunning animation effects accompany every victory in this game.

Vampires  Developer: Amatic pic1Vampires  Developer: Amatic pic2

The modern beautiful graphics and the quality sound of the Vampires slot machine won't leave a fan of this subject indifferent. With all the simplicity of aesthetics, it's one of the best slot machines in its class of horror slots.