Movies about gambling have quickly found their spectators. Terrific performance together with interesting plot enchants even the most pretentious critic. At all times, destinies of gamblers attract the interest among lots of people, due to their specific philosophic point of view. This is precisely why this article presents top 7 movies on gambling.

Ocean's Eleven, 2001

There hasn’t been a day since a thief Danny Ocean is released, and he have already been planning to organize the most elaborate casino robbery of all time. He intends to steal 160 million dollars from the three most successful casinos in Las Vegas. In a single evening, Danny selects a team of eleven "experts" who are able to perform this audacious theft. Ocean's team consists of a first-class card shark, a young but skillful pickpocket, and a brilliant destroyer. To commit this insane and difficult robbery, Ocean will have to risk his life.

Hayroller: The Stu Ungar Story, 2003

This is a real story about Stu Ungar  an outstanding American poker player who has won the main tournament of the World Series of Poker three times. In addition, for a long time, Unger was the only player who managed to win the main WSOP match on the first try (Chris Moneymaker was the only one who replicated this success in 2003). Moreover, Stu is an owner of five WSOP bracelets.

In the movie, we will not find something new – hard times, failures and achievements, love and hate, temptation, and more what every poker player faces, as well as each of us.

Runner Runner, 2013

Most often, a loser wants to get back his own. It does not matter where the money was lost  at the poker table or online casino. However, Richie Furst doesn’t want to just return his own, he wills to get acquainted with the legend, Ivan Block, whose name is uttered in a whisper and whom no one has ever seen. And this meeting will be a fatal one for both. Richie, a talented mathematician, will give up his old life to plunge into the world of parties, beautiful girls, private jets, as well as bribes, corruption, and racketeering. You have to pay for everything, especially when the FBI is watching you so closely.

Casino Royale, 2006

Probably, there is no one not knowing who James Bond is, the Agent 007. The feature film "Casino Royale" takes us back to the beginning of superspy’s espionage activity in those days when Bond was in the service of the Queen of Britain.

His first task is to track down a world-wide terrorist organization in place to gain the necessary information and suspend its activities. During his investigation, Bond goes to the powerful criminal banker Le Chiffre. At the same time, in Montenegro, Le Chiffre arranges a grand poker game at the Casino Royale in order to get a large sum of money and return a debt to the treasury.

British intelligence sends Bond to the tournament, along with a representative of the Royal Treasury, Vesper Lynd. The master of espionage, Agent 007, will have to fight in the tournament and beat Le Chiffre with his intelligence only.

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Lucky You, 2007

The lead character of the film is a professional poker player Huck Cheever. The hero is ready to bet everything in order come up with the $10 000 entry fee to play at international poker tournament in Las Vegas. In the city of sin he gets acquainted with a charming singer, Billie Offer, and falls in love with her at first sight. However, his passion to poker prevails, so after the first night together he cleans her out. Now, Huck can participate in tournament where his major opponent is L.C. Cheever, his father.

Deal, 2008

One poker professional undertakes to teach a young clerk some poker tricks. And after a while, he is got into a world’s poker tournament, where his protégée appears as his main and the most serious opponent.

Twenty-one, 2008

This crime drama tells us about Micky Rosa, a math professor at the University of Massachusetts. Being a former professional gambler, he selects a team of five gifted students from his course. Together they are going to beat the casino. Rosa develops a special system of card counting allowing easily win at Blackjack. Each member of the secret team has his own purposes – someone wants to have fun, other is attracted with a risk, but highly intelligent Ben Campbell finds it as an opportunity to pay for his extremely expensive course at Harvard School of Medicine.

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