The gambling business is currently legalized in over 80 countries, and 70% of the online gambling revenues are brought by betting platforms and online casinos. The high demand for these areas of business is explained by the existence of a wide range of offers for the clients and the availability of gambling almost any time and everywhere.

The analysts from the company Technavio predict that revenues from the online gambling industry will reach $60 billion by 2020. The present markets of China, Great Britain, Australia, Italy, and Germany are considered to be the most profitable in terms of payments obtained from online casino operators.

Slotegrator suggests having a closer look at the main trends contributing to the enlargement of the iGaming industry that will make the online gambling market more powerful by 2020.


1. New marketing tools

Personalized newsletters with non-intrusive ads are among the most effective marketing strategies currently used by marketing specialists. Promotion of platforms is becoming difficult as young people do not pay attention to advertisements, so marketing experts should look for more ways of how to promote online casinos. One of the main aims is to find a new approach to content creation in order to attract and new active gamblers.

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2. Alternative currency payments

Some of the online casinos allow their players to use cryptocurrencies while making deposits and withdrawing wins. More and more users are interested in this possibility as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity. Operators, in their turn, are trying to offer alternative ways of payment and create new casino formats such as Bitcoin casinos.

3. New gambling habits

The online gambling market is changing as consumers start adopting new behavioral habits. Gambling apps and social gambling are gaining more popularity because of the increased use of mobile devices and social media. Innovative social gambling games attract the attention of many players today allowing them to compete with friends and have different gaming experiences. It is expected that Free-to-play social games will drive market growth and change it by 2020.

4. The growing numbers of female gamblers

There are numerous examples of successful online casinos for women, such as Pink Casino, 888Ladies, Maria Casino. The most active gambling female audiences include women under 35. The statistical data shows that in the USA, females make up around 40% out of the total number of gamblers, while in the UK, this number exceeds 49%. More female players also start being interested in slots as providers of these games use appealing storylines turning to characters from series and popular movies.

5. Growing markets

Despite the popularity of online casinos, online gambling is still restricted and banned in many countries around the world. Some of these countries include South Korea, Japan, Portugal, Norway, etc. Many players use international platforms and gamble using offshore companies, but it is expected that more governments will take new regulatory measures and provide a clear position on gambling.