Triple Cherry’s Unique Storylines Make for a Great Experience

Founded in 2018 by a group of elite iGaming professionals with a taste for innovation and a passion for great gameplay, Triple Cherry is already making a splash with its individualistic slot games. With a focus on engaging gameplay and mathematics, Triple Cherry brings a passion for creation to its games, and behind every one of its slots there is a unique story that gives the game its personality and history. Even scanning the games’ titles is enough to tell you that these are not your run-of-the-mill slot games.

The company is quickly making its mark on the conference circuit by exhibiting at events like SiGMA and iGB Live and making an impression on operators with its appealing selection of unique games. The developer’s style of animation is a cross between the artistic precision evident in contemporary video games and the kind of classic animation that long-time slot players will already be familiar with. The sound effects also truly stand out; games like Saint Fermin and Nile Treasure take the traditional style of music from the culture the game is based on and give the melodies the kind of remixed beat you might find in a hip-hop studio - a masterful blend of the old and the new.

Along with their devotion to creativity and continuously improving the gaming experience, the professionals at Triple Cherry are dedicated to providing their clients with the best possible customer service.


3D technology figures into Triple Cherry’s creative powers, giving the games a modern touch and making them truly come alive. The studio’s unique games all have unique stories behind them. That’s why operators can expect unique new versions of classic themes and characters in addition to ones of Triple Cherry’s own devising.

Triple Cherry also focuses on mini-games, creating a multilevel game experience with a variety of exciting ways for players to engage with the game. The mini-games always fit the slot’s theme, like a game of darts in the middle of a beerhouse-themed slot or a chance to run in the famous Spanish festival of the running of the bulls.

The Games

Nile Treasure offers a trip back to the time of Ramses the Great. Sharp animation and a modern remix of traditional-style Egyptian music bring the treasures of ancient Egypt to life. The game has stacked wilds and a free spin bonus phase.

7’s Club is a glitzy fruit-themed slot set in an exclusive club filled with cocktails, dancing, and huge prizes. It has an epic wheel minigame and a free spins bonus phase with stacked wilds. The pumping club music and exciting animation make for a real sensory experience.

Saint Fermin is based on the famous Spanish festival of the running of the bulls. The game has exploding wilds, a running of the bulls minigame where the player can be either a bull or a runner, and two different free spin phases with different locking wilds.

Elsa’s Bierhaus recreates the camaraderie and good times of a german beer house. The game’s respin feature has locking wilds, and the game features one of Triple Cherry’s signature minigames - a darts game. Elsa’s Bierhaus also has a free spin bonus phase.

Mystic Buffalo provides a spirit animal for high rollers. This slot based on Native American culture has spinning totems filled with different animals, a free spin bonus phase with extra spins and huge locking wild symbols.

God’s Odyssey is a cruise down an enchanted Asian river, by turns leisurely and exciting, featuring a progressive jackpot, a free spin bonus journey, and collectible keys that can unlock a huge prize in the free spin phase.

Mega Chef takes place in a Neapolitan restaurant and gives players the chance to create their own delicious dish. Players can combine ingredients to earn special prizes or free spins or find some delightful ready-made meals in the free spin bonus phase.

Red Queen in Wonderland is a romp through a fairy tale world, featuring transforming symbols, a double or nothing minigame, a free spin bonus phase, and a vertical growing wheel in the free spin phase.

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