TRON Gambling DApps Overview

TRON blockchain is one of today’s most popular decentralized networks. It is estimated that over half of all decentralized applications built on its smart contracts are dedicated to the gambling industry. TRON is a great base for online casinos due to its high level of security and transparency. Slotegrator takes a look at the most popular gambling DApps based on TRON technology.

1. TRONbet

TRONbet is a decentralized online casino based on the TRON blockchain. Gamblers can play on the platform using Tron’s TRX token, as well as the website’s ANTE and BTT tokens. This online casino offers games such as Dice, Moon, and Ring, as well as poker, table games, live games, and slots.

TRONbet casino has a unique, engaging, and multi-leveled gamification system that allows players to earn dividends simply by playing.

Traffic: 3.9k daily users

Daily volume: $10.4M

2. 888Tron

888Tron is a decentralized gambling platform built on TRON smart contracts. The blockchain-based online casino offers Dice, Crypto Slots, Gear of Fortune, Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat. In order to play on the platform, gamblers must have some TRX in their crypto wallets. They can earn dividends in 888 tokens by playing on the platform.

Traffic: 1,247 daily users

Daily volume: $91.7k

3. TroNext

TroNext is a decentralized gambling platform on the TRON network that offers Dice, Ring, Moon, Crypto Slots, and other casino games. The website guarantees safety and protection and offers a fair gaming mechanism that is ensured by smart contracts.

Gamblers can play using TRX, and each bet made can give players TNX tokens as dividends. Apart from that, the platform offers a three-level referral system that rewards players for bringing new users to the online casino.

Traffic: 203 daily users

Daily volume: $4.9K

4. TRONAce

TRONAce is a platform that allows gamblers to play Dice and Poker using TRX. Like many blockchain-based gambling platforms, TRONAce offers a chance to earn tokens for betting. Players can earn ACE tokens as dividends, as the platform awards approximately 70% of its revenue to users.

Traffic: 111 daily users

Daily volume: $30.3k


TRONTOPIA is a blockchain-based gambling platform that offers the Ultimate Dice game, as well as Lucky One Max, coming soon. Players can bet using the TRX coin, and they earn TOPIA tokens, which can be used to earn dividends, trade, or keep playing.

Traffic: 152 daily users

Daily volume: $15k

TRON blockchain brings numerous advantages to the gambling sphere, including security, transparency, and safety. These benefits make the technology attractive for casino operators, so we can expect more decentralized applications to come in the future.

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