Betting on fantasy, virtual, real sports, and esports

Due to developments in technology, punters all over the world have a variety of different types of sports to bet on. Apart from placing wagers on teams in real sports events, punters can back their favorites in virtual sports, fantasy sports, and esports. The experts at Slotegrator have prepared a basic overview and comparison of the different kinds of sports matches to bet on.


Betting on real sports is the traditional type of placing bets. According to statistics, the most popular sport disciplines for betting are football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and horse racing. In real sports betting, bookmakers provide odds for different events, and punters can place one of a variety of types of bets. Here are the most popular and widespread ones:

  • Win Bet / Moneyline - predicting the winner of a game or sports event.
  • Point Spreads / Handicaps - predicting the participant who will “cover the spread.”
  • Total bets / Over-Unders - predicting whether the actual number of scored goals will be higher or lower than the line set by the betting company.
  • Prop Bets / Specials - making predictions on specific aspects of a sports event.
  • Parlays / Accumulators - making several predictions.

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There are many other types of bets to choose from, providing a wide range of betting possibilities for punters.


Virtual sports are simulations of actual sports, and the teams consist of generic versions of the actual players. The results of virtual competitions are determined by the random number generator (RNG) and can significantly differ from the results of real matches.

Betting companies have started offering bets on virtual sports, and today legitimate virtual tournaments are already available for betting in several different markets. Due to its availability, the lack of problems with broadcasts and fixed games, and the short duration of the matches, virtual sports betting has quickly gained great popularity.

Betting strategies can only be based on the published odds, because as the event is based on an RNG, no statistical knowledge and analytical skills can help to predict the outcome. However, virtual sports betting has a significant advantage - the events’ outcomes are known instantly once the tournament ends, so punters do not have to wait a long time for the results.


Fantasy sports, in contrast to virtual or real sports, provide a component of participation, as players build their own imaginary teams made up of real-life players instead of betting on existing teams.

The outcome is determined by the real-life performance of the selected players. Therefore, the betting strategy is more similar to the one used for betting on real sports: punters should analyze athletes’ performance, abilities, and statistics.

The generally accepted concept of betting does not exist in the case of fantasy sports. The amount of winnings is determined according to the type of tournament chosen:

  • Head-to-head Tournaments - two fantasy players compete against each other.
  • Double Up Games or 50/50 - the prize pool is distributed among the top half of the playing field.
  • Triple Contests - the prize pool is distributed among the top third of players.


Esports refers to competitions among individual players or teams in video games. Originally, esports was a gaming activity, but it came to be considered a form of gambling when the option of betting on teams became available.

Some of the most popular esports disciplines are Dota 2, League of Legends (LoL), StarCraft 2, CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), Mortal Kombat, etc.

There are two main types of esports betting:

  • skin betting - betting using virtual items in video games instead of cash;
  • cash betting - a traditional type of betting.

As for the types of bets in esports that simulate real sports, they are similar to those used in real sports betting and include Moneyline, Futures, Prop bets, Totals, etc.

Fantasy, virtual sports, and esports provide an independent and new direction in betting which is different from traditional sports betting and attracts new audiences.

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