With the growth of the Internet, a sport betting has gained tremendous popularity due to the broader audience. It is fast and convenient to put money on sports in the virtual space. Thanks to the online betting, long paper bookmaker lines and their painstaking learning started receding into the past. Today, betting websites provide users with the necessary information in the most convenient form with the possibility of sorting it for different profiles.

Thus, you can put on sports in just a few seconds and just as quickly withdraw your winnings.

Internet betting is absolutely legal activity. Bookmakers, working under the license, pay all the necessary taxes of the country they are registered in.

Which kinds of online sports betting do exist today? What are their features? What do you need to know in order to increase your chances of winning? – Slotegrator’s experts answer the questions below.

Bets on real sporting events

Betting on real sports is a traditional classic type of bookmaking. According to statistics, football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Let's take it as an example and consider the main types of such bets.

  1. Betting on outcome and against outcome. There are only three options for outcome of game: a team wins, loses or the match is played for a draw. The bet is made on one of these options, respectively – it loses due to another event occurred. The mathematical probability of winning is 1 to 3.
    Following the pattern: the bet against the outcome gives the probability of winning 2 to 3. For example, if you bet against one of the teams, for example, you win when the team wins or the outcome of the match is a draw.
  2. Bet on playoffs. It is used for shootout series (playoffs). The mathematical probability of such rates is 1 to 3, since the team either goes to the next stage or not.
  3. Total. This is a bet on the total number of goals scored. Total can be general or individual for each side of the match. Such rates exist in three varieties:
    • The exact number of goals;
    • Total is bigger (Over);
    • Total is less (Under).
  4. Bet on the exact match score. It is based on guessing the exact game result. Such bets are very popular in football.
  5. Handicap betting. Such bets are made on matches, where the strength of the teams is obviously unequal. For example, when a strong club plays with an outsider. Here you can bet on lucky winning of the last one, and these odds are added to the result of the match.

Also, there are bets made in advance, as well as live bets put in real time during the match. They also can be any of the listed varieties.

In addition, there are multiple bets when you need to predict the chain of sporting events. They are also of different kinds.

Express betting is considered as the most popular of them. It is similar to betting on outcome, except that you need to predict the result of at least two events.

Another popular variety of multiple bets is a system. This is a more complex option, which is a set of express bets with the same number of events and a constant set of outcomes.

These are the main and most popular types of betting. Nowadays, bookmaker offices offer other options, but in principle they will not be very different from those listed.

Virtual sports betting

Virtual sports is a simulation of sports with the help of the artificial intelligence. Sports teams are formed by a computer program, the game takes into account various indicators: the strength of opponents, injuries, individual characteristics, etc. But the results of virtual competitions are determined by the random number generator (RNG) and can significantly differ from the results of real matches.

Bookmakers have started offering bets on virtual sports not so long ago. And today qualified virtual tournaments are already held among many teams, continuously competing against each another. Due to its availability, the lack of problems with the broadcasts of matches and fixed games, the virtual sports betting quickly gained a great popularity.

From the point of betting fans, the main difference between virtual and real sports is the speed. Several seasons of the virtual league can be completed for a single day, which is impossible in real life.

The types of bets, as well as the table of their accounting and calculation in virtual sports, are no different from what is accepted in real. For example, there are betting odds given for each round of the virtual football. As a rule, their accounting is absolutely the same as for real games. Bets are also calculated at the end of the match.

Fantasy Sports Betting

Fantasy sports, in contrast to the virtual or real sports events, provides a game component. In fantasy, player performs the tasks by sports club manager.

For example, in football, having a certain amount of money, a manager purchases prototypes of real players, thereby creating his own virtual team. For all their actions in real matches, virtual characters have positive or negative points. The winner is a team with the maximum number of points.

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Thus, the generally accepted concept of bets on fantasy sports does not exist. In essence, it is more like poker, when players compete among themselves with their sports teams, while the Internet sites of fantasy sports work on the principle of poker rooms, receiving a commission for the organization.

But in the professional environment you can often meet the expression "betting on fantasy football." This means an entry fee for participation in a fantasy tournament.

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Betting on eSports

eSports – videogame competitions among players. This is a fully simulated computer reality, where whole teams compete, as well as individual participants. The essence of the game process is to solve a number of tasks. They can be intellectual puzzles, destruction of competitors, artifact searching, conquest of territories, etc.

A chance of winning depends on the level of the gamer’s technical training, his professional skills, together with his speed of thinking and decision-making.

With the Internet development and the involvement of young people into video games, they have rapidly become popular in the field. Many countries already classify eSports as one of the official sports on legal basis.

There are already whole championships and various tournaments between gamers, which made it possible to bet on the results of cyber competitions on the same principle as in traditional sports. Technically, such bets look exactly the same as those described above. Despite the features of eSports, all the same principles and strategies are applicable here.

Convenience of eSports betting lies in the fact that dozens of events can be found in the bookmaker's line on daily basis, and broadcasts of matches are conducted around the clock.

Accessibility and simplicity, the participation of live players, entertainment and excitement, as well as the lack of the need to produce multidirectional analysis, as in real sports, all contribute to the growth of the eSports betting popularity. Currently, thousands of users bet on interactive competitions, not only with real money, but also with skins.


As Slotegrator experts note, in order to earn today on Internet betting, beginners need to take into account three main pillars: patience, desire and free time. The main thing is to get involved into the process, find out the finger points, understand the principle of operation, and carefully study the rules and not being afraid of your inexperience. Over time, your own strategy will be developed, allowing you to go into a plus.

Fantasy, virtual sports and eSports suggest an independent and new direction in betting, which is somewhat different from traditional sports betting. Both new and experienced players should not give up the opportunity to earn on them.

The Slotegrator company, that has a huge experience in the gambling market, makes out that if you delve deeply into the details and study all the features, then such bets can bring a good income. And with the development of the Internet, their popularity and the opportunity to get a big win will be only growing.