Types of online casino bonuses

Online casino operators use a whole variety of marketing tools in order to attract and retain visitors. The foremost method of motivation for gamblers is online casino bonuses. The company Slotegrator has prepared a brief glossary of the most widespread notions and instruments.

Sign-up bonuses

This type of stimulation is used by gambling houses for the first registration at the website. Most of the bonuses are scored automatically. In some cases, a player must enter a promo code, confirm the phone number and his/her identity, make a request via chat or e-mail, etc.

Sign-up bonuses are a bit different:

  • Non-deposit bonuses (commonly used by online casinos)
    1. Free Spins under special conditions. You can use free spins when playing a particular slot to increase payout ratio by several times.
    2. Free Play. A player can gamble for free at certain times - from a half an hour up to two hours;
    3. Cash bonuses. They are given to players for making a deposit and enable them to play without any investments.
  • Deposit bonuses (used by most of gambling houses)
    1. Such bonuses are added to a player’s account as soon as he/she deposits money on it. A gambler must deposit an amount that is larger or equal to the minimum bet, as it is stated in the casino requirements. Typically, a bonus is equal to the deposited amount. In some cases, bonuses may exceed the amount of a previously made deposit.

Recurrent bonuses

These stimulants are structured to retain players in the online casino. Casinos run various promotional campaigns to win loyalty of gamblers. Most of the times, such bonuses come as additional funds equal to the amount of a deposit itself, but some casinos encourage players to place high stakes or play weekend or special holiday games; others grant bonuses for men or women only on certain days, and so on. There are various methods and conditions for bonus withdrawal:

  1. Bonuses for the next deposit top up. Online casinos provide offers of adding up a bonus of 25% or 60% out of the deposit sum. Some of them offer generous cash prizes at a rate of 150% of the replenishment. There are always some bonus limitations depending on the amount of money invested .
  2. Reload bonuses. It is a standard encouraging tool to retain regular visitors. The wager ranges from 5 to 100% out of the buy-in made by a player. In some cases, gambler’s activity is taken into account while giving out bonuses.
  3. Bonuses for High Rollers. They are used to stimulate players make high stakes. The size of the bonus fluctuates up to $10 000, but, usually, it is a standard bonus of 50-100% out of the top up (more than $1000).
  4. Sticky bonuses (no payout). It gives an opportunity to play, but when you try to withdraw funds the bonus is returned to the casino. In order to use such types of bonuses, it is necessary to meet certain requirements set by the casino (each casino has its own rules). Moreover, these bonuses have a validity period.
  5. Periodic bonuses. These bonuses are paid out during organized promotion campaigns on holidays or certain week days /certain months, etc. Casinos offer their own conditions to gamblers in order for them to gain and withdraw bonuses. For instance, it might be a Sunday bonus that is issued on Sundays only. There also exist so called female bonuses given out on Thursdays from 6 to 9 p.m. – a so called motivation for women to gamble. Analogical promotion campaigns are organized for men on some other days.
  6. Referral bonuses. This kind of promotion is not widely used by casinos. The bonus is given to a gambler who managed to attract newcomers to the gaming site. A new visitor has to follow a certain link, create an account and make a first deposit. The gambler receives a bonus that depends on the amount of money previously put on the account by a newcomer. Some casinos have fixed prizes. Gamblers use entire pyramids to get higher percentage of affiliate newcomers and their first deposits. However, such systems are limited.
  7. Bonuses given out for depositing through a certain payment system. Сasinos sign deals with payment systems to get discounts for their customers. Before the player updates the account, he/she should study terms and conditions of making a deposit through different systems and use one system promising good bonuses. In addition, such payment systems usually charge the lowest commission for withdrawal.
  8. Points awarded to players for certain actions. Depending on the casino, $1 stands for 1 point. Bonuses can be used in different ways: for fund conversion (1000 points - $ 1) or for purchasing goods at online casino shops (T-shirts, cups, etc.).
  9. Loyalty programs. The program rules are usually set by casinos. Usually they put certain amount of money on the accounts of active and loyal clients.
  10. Giveaways. A very popular in land - based casinos idea of giving away real presents was transferred into some of online casinos. The only difficulty is prize shipping to different countries, the timescales, and so on.

There is a huge amount of bonus programs used by casinos to attract and retain gamblers. Day by day, they create new promotion campaigns to attract more and more players from other resources. Every gambling house has its own marketing tools and loyalty programs. The clients are informed about them as they visit casino lobbies or special website sections. Encouraging tools give great possibilities to start gambling without investing any funds.

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