Summer Olympics 2016

Summer Olympic Games 2016 have not started yet, but betting houses all over the world are already taking bets on winners and will continue doing so till the last day of the competitions.

This year one of the most significant and striking sporting events will take place in Rio de Janeiro. Global community voiced opposite opinions regarding the venue, many skeptics claimed that Brazil could not host and organize such a large-scale event, but the fact remains that the official opening of Summer Olympic Games will be held on 5 August. For 16 days the event will attract close attention from all esteemers of the most prestige sporting contests and sports betting. Except Rio, a wave of sporting excitement will strike other cities of the country such as Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Sao Paulo and Salvador.

What to bet on during the Olympics                    

Not surprisingly, the season of Olympic Games is one of the most fortunate and favourable for betting houses, as it is during this period that players can bet on the whole variety of games provided by competitions. And fans of betting will definitely have a wide choice, as the Olympics will feature 33 summer sports, including boat racing, badminton, basketball, box, wrestling, water polo, volleyball, handball, etc. Golf and rugby-7 will be new kinds of sport this year, as they have been included in the programme for the first time. Several more countries were added as well: South Sudan and Kosovo, making Olympics 2016 in Rio a record-breaking event in terms of participating countries. Also a record number of medals will be awarded – 301. In general, this Olympics promises to be one of the most grandiose sporting events in recent times. It is expected that scores of sports fans will attend the event, and the same boom is awaited by bookmakers all over the world.  

This should come as no surprise, considering that everything a player needs for placing a bet is to visit his favourite betting house or website, choose a sports discipline, learn forecasts if needed, and decide on the favourite. Today bookmakers offer a large variety of lines with multiple options for betting.

Bet types during the Olympic Games 2016

Naturally, to begin with, it would be great to find the competition schedule in the Internet (there are lots of corresponding websites) to know when a specific contest in the chosen sporting discipline takes place. Further, youshoulddecideonabettype. Different bet types primarily represent different opportunities, which will help you find your own style of betting.

To be successful in sports betting, one needs to at least understand the main bet types that are common for the majority of betting houses.

Clear win or betting on a certain outcome (ordinary bet)

That’s a bet on the win of one or another team. In case of the Olympics, it is a bet on the win of a certain country, or a tie:

Net win of the first team is marked with figure ‘1’ in a betting line.

A tie is marked with ‘Х’ symbol.

Net win of the second team – figure ‘2’.

Double chance bet.

Apart from three possible options (win 1, tie, win 2), other options are available. Thus, a bet covers two out of three possible outcomes.  For example:

1X – win of the first team or a tie;

2X – win of the second team or a tie;

12 –win of any team participating in a match.

Total (Over/ Under).  This kind of a bet involves predicting the total amount of various match results, for example, the number of goals, yellow cards, points, etc. This bet does not require guessing the exact amount. A player has to predict whether the total will be over or under the amount specified in the betting line.

There are different subtypes of totals, for example half totals, where a bet can be placed on the first half or second half total, or on totals of both halves.

Handicap.This bet type is a little bit complicated, but if a player masters handicap betting, he will be able to substantially increase his winnings. Besides, this type of betting is considered to allow playing at a lower risk.

Handicap is a certain number (negative or positive) that is added to the outcome of sporting event and influences the overall result of a bet. Handicaps can be applied to different outcomes – scored goals, obtained points and other statistical data of any sports discipline.

Other bet types

Olympic Games 2016 provide for other betting types, as the competition programme includes not only team sports but also individual sports.

Thus, there is a bet for team sports – on a match score, when a playerpredicts the accurate score of a match during normal time.

Olympic Games 2016 include team competitions, where a player can place such bets, for example, water polo, volleyball, handball, grass hockey.

Besides, these kinds of sport offer another interesting bet –on knockout games, when a player predicts which team will qualify for the next stage of Olympics games.

Moreover, there is a large variety of wagers connected to goals or points, for example, will a team score a goal or not, will a game finish with an even number of points or not, on what minute will be the first point earned, will there be a penalty or not, etc. All these bets are rather interesting and the ability to use them correctly can bring a player nice results.

There are lots of non-team competitions during Olympic Games, where it would be better to place bets on sportsman’s individual performance.  Predictions are made whether a sportsman will reach a certain stage of a tournament – what stage he will reach.

Individual total – is a kind of a total bet, where a player predicts results of a certain participant of the sporting event, a total number of points he will earn.

Recommendations from Slotegrator

So, we have reviewed the main bet types offered in betting houses, which can be very useful for all sports gamblers during the Olympics 2016.

A wide choice of sports betting types opens up more opportunities for players and allows building your own strategy. But all beginning players should understand that the more complicated a bet is and the more outcomes it offers, the more player’s attention and experience is needed to win. Therefore, we recommend beginners to begin with simpler bets and gradually shift to more complicated ones. For instance, if you want to bet on team sports, begin with bets on the outcome of the game, or double chance bets, where you will have more odds to win. If you want to bet on a certain sportsman, choose a bet on individual player’s results, having carefully studied all forecasts in advance.