Player churn rate is one of the most feared statistics in the online casino business. Along with new user acquisition, online casino user retention is an essential part of a marketing strategy. In a market as competitive as iGaming, there’s always another option out there for online casino users who are dissatisfied with their platform. The experts at Slotegrator have put together a list of strategies for how to keep players happy - and playing.


The only thing better than earning something is getting it for free. Starting with the first sign-up bonus, operators can offer online casino users a variety of perks to liven up their experience. Operators offer players deposit bonuses, free spins, and high roller bonuses, as well as many other kinds of bonuses. Knowing a bonus could be around the corner will keep players from migrating to a different platform.

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Loyalty and VIP Programs

Reward your players for staying on your site with loyalty and VIP programs. Players accumulate points for signing up, depositing, and playing, and redeem the points for rewards of your choosing. You can also create a tiered system where players move up through a hierarchy that has better rewards at each level.

Loyalty and VIP programs let players know that the casino values them and creates a kind of exit barrier. Once they have worked their way up through a VIP program, players are less likely to change platforms and lost all their progress.

Game Selection

Don’t let your platform get stale. Keep updating your game portfolio, starting by keeping up with the latest slot releases (included themed slots) and making sure your sportsbook has the best data feeds. To go the extra mile, add a range of live dealer games to provide a unique, high-end, exciting online gambling experience. Online casino users are increasingly looking for live dealer experiences, and the sector is experiencing rapid growth and revenue increases.

Players will get tired of playing the same games again and again, but making sure they’re always provided with a new gaming experience will convince them to stick around.

Customer Relationship Management

Blanket offers are a thing of the past. Using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, online casinos can tailor their customer service to individual players. CRM systems collect highly detailed player data, like how frequently they visit the site, their average bet, win, and loss, and how much time they spend playing their favorite games.

CRM systems let casinos provide customized offers and bonuses that appeal to specific players and player segments based on their behavior.

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Players and operators alike love tournaments. They’re fun for players, and they increase operators’ revenues. Some operators and game developers even offer monthly tournaments where players see who can win the most money on the same game. Tournaments add variety and excitement to a casino.