Just a few years ago virtual reality was considered to be a science fiction. Everything has changed with the advent of new VR/AR gadgets and software, with the help of which you may easily immerse yourself into the artificial world of virtual reality.

Large corporations demonstrate a genuine interest in the subject, investing heavily in the development of innovations. Today, virtual reality iswidely used in games, but a growing number of online casino developers give serious thought to the creation of venues for VR gambling.

VR opportunities for casino operators

In recent years, online casinos with live dealers and 3D modeling gained huge popularity. Players really appreciate the effect of participation in the recreated world of gambling venue without leaving their homes.

It is these conditions that attract those who want to get the experience ofplaying in a real casino with its unique atmosphere. Live-casino is a good option for such players. That is why this innovation was integrated into the platform of new virtual gambling clubs, which were launched this summer by Slotegrator, including a Bitcoins casino – Bit Vegas.

VR will become the most popular niche in the field of online casinos. Virtual world will allow gamblers to plunge into the gameplay: put chips on a gaming table, hear the voice of dealer and typical roulette wheel spin sound, etc. Virtual reality will definitely turn over a new page of a successful business for casino operators.

Disadvantages of VR technologies for virtual casinos

The main reasons for the delay in the widespread usage of VR technology in the creation of gambling venues are:

  • high cost of equipment
  • poor quality of software.

Full adoption of VR technology in online casinos will lead to the loss of a significant number of players, due to the prices for VR gadgets: Oculus Rift costs about $599, and a headset for PlayStation 4 isabout $399.

Players will also need a powerful gaming computer, the price of which is $1.5 thousand or more,as well asexpensive software. For the use of VR headsetwith PS4 they will also need to buy the console (around $350) and PS camera ($50).

For many online casino players such expenses are way above their budget. The introduction of VR technology will eliminate gamers with low income, leaving only those who can afford to buy these expensive gadgets.

The second stumbling block for the widespread usage of VR in virtual casino is a low quality of the software. It may lead to negative consequences for the players. The virtual world recreated with the help of poor-quality software can cause symptoms similar to motion sickness or seasickness.

Improvement of the software, together with the reduction of the cost of VR gadgets, will allow operators to reach a significant audience of gamers and increase the profitability of virtual casinos.

Is the future here already?

The development of the first VR casino is successfully completed. Players have experienced real emotions and atmosphere, which were previously available to offline casino visitors only. Some gamers refuse to leave the created virtual world, others promise to return to the game as soon as possible.

More and more companies are getting involved in the development of new devices, applying VR/AR technology to the maximum. Developers are turning from VR glasses and headsets to VR suits, as Tesla did. Such a suit provides a whole range of feelings, from top to toe.

VR will allow developers to push the envelope, creating new fantastic universes and increasing the flow of gamers, who wish to see everything with their own eyes.

Prospects of VR gambling

According to Goldman Sachs experts, virtual reality technology will get a shot in the arm in the next 10 years. Even today VR technologies are actively developing, presenting new devices and software. Experts believe that by 2025 VR market will bring profit amounting to more than $110 billion.

The use of VR in the creation of online casino will provide players with a real time effect of presence in the virtual gambling venue. Being the leading gambling software developer and also the partner of the largest aggregator Slotegrator company, Microgaming has announced the launch of an innovative virtual reality product – VR roulette.

Gamers wishing to experience the atmosphere of a real casino will be able to use VR devices in full, thereby providing operators with high-profit. Online casino developers should think over the implementation of VR technology right now, in order not to do it in the nick of time.

Maximum adaptation, cheapening of gadgets due to their mass production, as well as thecreation of universal software available to a wide audience of users, will open a new era in the world of gambling. Innovations in the field of virtual casino are seriously considered by companies as the most effective tool for long-term development of the gambling business.