What Is a Multi-Player Slot Machine?

Most of us like gambling in good company: with other players or against them. This gives good vibes and makes a gameplay more exciting. Casino table and card games involve several players. However, it's a little-known fact that multi-player opportunities have been applied in slot machines as well.

What are multi-player online slots? How do they work and which opportunities do they provide users with? The Slotegrator's experts have answered these questions.

Multi-Player Slot Machine

Multi-user slot games allow playing collective games. Players can intercommunicate through live chat on different topics, which attaches more interest and provides users with new game experience. Moreover, similar game machines open up completely new horizons, for example, various live tournaments and progressive jackpots. 

Whether playing on a common slot machine or a multi-player one, there is only one aim to form a winning combination of symbols on the reels and to receive a monetary prize. The difference is that they offer a game where the player joins a particular online community, literally unites with other players.

Therefore, the slots allowing to play with other participants have been more and more demanded among fans of gambling.

How Do They Work?

The principle of multi-player slots is exactly the same as in classic slot games. They all work according to the same scheme: spin - spinning reels - a result. The results shown on the screen are decided by Random Number Generator (RNG).

Online casino or developer sets up a payout share in advance. And specific symbols and combinations determine chances to increase winning and receive bonuses.

While a single-user mode means that all slot functionality belongs to one user, the multi-user platform allows playing with several players within the same slot at once.

Game Rules

To start a game, it is necessary to enter a so-called virtual slot room. Usually, it fits up to six players. Everybody can watch each other's screens. Slot players can chat with each other, spirit up, show empathy, rejoice over winnings, discuss payouts, etc. These create a pleasant and friendly environment.

Another fascinating feature provided by multi-player slots is collective bonuses. Often, they are multi-player free spins. When a user forms a corresponding combination of special symbols and triggers Free Spins feature - all gamers in the room get an opportunity to use collective free spins.

Same applies to bonus rounds when all users in the virtual room can participate and win bonus jackpots together.

Every user makes up own group of friends to form such virtual slot room. They enter the room and start playing altogether.

Any interested person can enter the system and join the existing multi-player virtual room. The newcomer can start playing instantly, chat with gamers, make new friends with common interests, etc.

Multi-Player Slots Aren't Tournaments

Slotegrator highlights the difference between multiplayer slots and tournaments that also involve several users. In fact, both types of gambling mean that the player competes against other online gamers. They're based on different principles though.

In online slot tournaments, the player competes with other players who are considered as the opponents. Indeed, the whole notion of tournament is only one participant becomes a winner. That's why every player aims at winning over the rivals.

Multi-player online slot user plays in the team in the virtual slot room. They all become winners. Therefore, the game unites people, encouraging them to communicate and providing a weight of the pleasant impressions.

Examples of Multiplayer Slots

Slotegrator's experts have collected a vivid set of slot machines developed by our partnering company Microgaming. The slots are high quality and certified. In addition, each of the game can be integrated into the online casino through APIgrator.

Wheel of Wealth

What Is a Multi-Player Slot Machine? 0

Wheel of Wealth offers players to dip into the luxurious world of retro classics. Despite there are only three reels and one payline in the slot, it gives an unforgettable experience and a chance of big gain.

The reels depict classic Bar symbol, numbers of 7 and cherries. The bonus symbol is triggered randomly. When it happens, all the players in the room choose a place on the Wheel of Wealth and receive a guaranteed bonus as the wheel stops.

Corresponding retro style of Wheel Of Wealth, as well as symbols and sounds, take the player back in time. This slot is highly demanded by people who like spending a good time in good company.

Sure Win

What Is a Multi-Player Slot Machine? 1

This slot game is inspired by the world of horse racing. The game takes place in the horse track crowded by lots of viewers and horse racing fans. Cartoonish visuals and sounds of loud supporters make this video slot a real fun.

Sure Win is 5x3 slot with 25 winning lines. It offers a risk game, bonus rounds and free spins. This outstanding multiplayer slot will definitely deliver ultimate experience to its players.

Terminator 2

What Is a Multi-Player Slot Machine? 2

Video slot based on the famous science fiction movie, Terminator 2, features the best traditions of Microgaming: quality, fairness, and excitement. Slots themed on popular movies become very demanded immediately after being released. This video slot is no exception.

The Terminator 2 slot has a standard 5x3 design offering 1024 winning lines. In addition to high RTP of 96,62%, the game has a plenty of additional bonus features giving even bigger winnings: these are Scatter and Wild, as well as one named T-800 Vision. The latter randomly launches a special mode through any gainless position on the reels.

Centre Court

What Is a Multi-Player Slot Machine? 3

Another sport themed slot game. This 5-reel 9-payline slot machine is dedicated to court tennis. Wild and Multiplier, together with Scatter and bonus rounds, increase the winning. In addition, Centre Court has a risk game doubling the prize. To activate the feature, one has to form a winning combination of special symbols. 

This video slot has a fascinating plot of sports competitions, bright visuals and cool soundtracks. Its multifunctional intuitive control panel makes the game to be easy and interesting one. 

What's Else?

Microgaming software developer regularly hosts tournaments giving big jackpots. The tournament platform makes it possible for teams to compete at once, which opens up new formats and opportunities for online casinos in the world of gambling.

Slotegrator offers everything gambling operators need to launch and expand online casino and sportsbook projects. The company offers a wide range of products, including White Label online casino and sportsbook platform development, game content, betting data feeds and payment systems integration. Slotegrator also provides legal consultancy and administrative assistance for gambling license acquisition and regulatory compliance.

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