Attracting new players to online casinos is not a simple process, as it is quite hard to find new customers while it is very easy to lose them. Therefore, online casinos should take into account many details about how to attract and retain users. Slotegrator has prepared the list of things that casino players consider annoying.

What is so annoying about online casinos: players’ perspective

No AutoPlay button

AutoPlay makes gambler's life easier. Nowadays, more and more online game providers use this option, but gamers keep complaining when it is absent. Players get tired and bored when they have to constantly click the buttons as most of them don’t like pauses and distractions from the gaming process.

Wrong translation into the local language

Players usually prefer casinos that have their interface translated into many different languages. To attract players from various countries, some online casinos may try to create their website in many languages, however, these translations are sometimes wrong. Grammatical and stylistic mistakes in language discourage users from playing. Therefore, if you do not have professional translators, try to stay with a couple of languages, including English.

Impossible to skip intro

Animated intros seem very bright and interesting only the first time you watch them. However, when gamblers keep playing the same game several times, they want to skip intros. Don't make the players wait for the annoying video to finish. Take care of your customers and provide an option to skip intros.

No mobile version

The mobile casino audience has already reached over 150 million and keeps growing, as this is the most developing sector in the gambling industry. People like playing on smartphones, and they get frustrated when this option is not provided.

No detailed rules description

Providing information about game rules is very important as gamblers want to understand the game they are playing and know what to expect from it. Players usually want to know how payouts are calculated, how free spins are received, etc. Also, it is crucial to provide information about the rules of the casino in general. Players should be able to access terms and conditions, data about available payment systems, ways to deposit and withdraw money, etc.

Inconvenient website

Players leave online casinos if websites are complicated and not convenient to use. Gambling platforms should provide easy access to registration, and a list of games on the main page. Also, it is important that gamblers can easily find all relevant and necessary information about payouts on the website. No information should be hidden.

No user settings

The opportunity to set the color, auto mode limits, speed of spins, and background sound makes the gaming process more pleasant. Such personalization encourages gamers to play, and when casinos don't offer user settings, they lose clients.

Customer retention is complicated, and there are many details operators should know in order to keep their online casino players interested. Following these basic rules will help gambling platforms to make gamblers continue playing.