Starting an online casino can be worthy, though complicated process, as developing a gambling project from scratch is always time and costs consuming. However, today there are various options to avoid this and get a ready-to-use online casino platform.

Let’s see what possibilities of starting a gambling business exist and what is important to know before launching an online casino.


Ready-to-use casino platforms have various popular games from leading gaming providers already integrated and available for players. There is also a large number of already integrated well-known and reliable payments systems to choose from, which makes money deposits and withdrawal easy and convenient for players. Custom payment system and additional providers games integration is also possible for White Label casino solution and a Turnkey casino.

Casino platforms have custom-made design and customizable front-end as well. Operators get IT support and hosting servers from the software provider.

One of the main advantages of getting an online casino platform is its fast launch, which significantly saves operators’ time on platform development.

White Label and Turnkey solutions: which one to choose

White Label casino and a Turnkey platform are similar in many aspects, however, there are several different details to keep in mind.


White Label Casino

Turnkey Casino

Who can choose a platform

Operators with experience in the iGaming sphere




Not included (we can provide it)

Company incorporation


Not included (we can provide it)

Opening bank and merchant accounts


Not included (we can provide it)

Advance deposit *

Higher deposit

Basic deposit

* To learn more about precise prices and revenue share, don’t hesitate to contact our managers.

Main benefits of white label casino

  1. Minimum paperwork. Choosing a white label platform, operators don’t have to deal with the overwhelming amount of paperwork and administrative issues.
  2. Cost efficient. As the licence is already included, money saved on getting a license as well as integrating games and payment systems can be invested into the project promotion.

Main benefits of turnkey casino

  1. Customizable. Operators can choose the platform’s design, structure, payment systems and a license to obtain themselves according to their preferences.
  2. Available as a ready-made. There is a possibility to get ready-made projects of the online casino.

There are different advantages of a white label casino and a turnkey platform for operators to consider, and Slotegrator offers possibilities to launch your own online casino business with two options.