White Label: the best solution to open online casino

White Label is a profitable solution that allows the operator to open an online casino quickly and with minimal financial expenses. This is a kind of affiliate program where the parent company provides the subsidiary with full management functionality to create the website on its domain. To realise the White Label project, you do not need to search for employees, integrate gambling content, and obtain a license. It's already been done for you.

On the Internet, White Label was first used in 2001. Online shop of mobile phones Ukphoneshop.com offered other companies a re-branded version of their site, where they could sell their product and receive a commission.

Usually, the package of services of White Label solution includes:

Only obtaining a gambling license takes two to six months and requires significant investments. If you open the White Label casino, you don't have to deal with all legal and organisational issues on your own.

Among the main advantages of White Label are:

Promptness. А new business project can be launched within a few weeks. The whole process will take less time than the development from scratch.

All-ready product. White Label casino is a ready-to-use product that, along with other factors, will become a profitable source of income.

Lower Price. The amount of money required to open a White Label casino cannot be compared with the amounts needed to the launch an own gambling project.

Further expenses. The parent company is responsible for the payout of large jackpots, which will protect the startupers from significant financial losses. In turn, the operator is responsible for the payout of other prizes and bonuses.

At the same time, White Label has its drawbacks:

Limited rights. As soon as the subsidiary and parent companies begin to cooperate in the White Label format, the first becomes almost completely dependent on the second. It is for the parent company to choose payment systems, game content and other products necessary for the operation.

Built-in functionality. A subsidiary cannot make changes to the settings, options, and features included in the package solution.

Restrictions in promotion. The parent company has its own marketing strategy, which may impose a number of relevant restrictions on the advertising campaign of the subsidiary casino.

How much does White Label casino cost?

The minimum cost of White Label online casino starts from $40 thousand. The final price depends on the terms and package of additional services. Typically, the subsidiary revenue ranges from 40% to 60% of all profits, which is calculated after all fees, prizes, and bonuses are paid.

Who needs a White Label solution?

The White Label concept will be an ideal option for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to bring a new gambling project to the market in a short time. Among the main reasons to choose the White Label solution are:

  • limited marketing budget despite the clear project potential;
  • the company has good financing, but the offered services are outdated.

White Label does not require obtaining a license, buying software, and dealing with all legal issues. This is a great solution for both start-up projects and large companies. It opens up new opportunities, which gives a chance to experienced business people to try themselves in a new field and decide whether to open their own business.


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