Why Open a Bitcoin Casino in 2019?

Willing to launch an online gambling platform, operators face a question of whether to start a traditional casino or a Bitcoin casino. In this article, Slotegrator explains why Bitcoin casinos are profitable and worth opening this year.

Why do operators need a Bitcoin casino today?

Bitcoin casinos are popular among gamblers due to many benefits cryptocurrency offers. Apart from that, they have advantages for operators as well.

1. Fast and anonymous payments

Instant payments and the possibility to conduct transactions anonymously attract players from all over the world. Many gamblers value their anonymity a lot and favor platforms that offer opportunities to pay with cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it is impossible to trace the source of income if it comes in Bitcoins.

2. New audience

The Bitcoin casinos market is growing fast, however, the number of crypto casinos is significantly less compared to the number of traditional ones, meaning that the low competition will allow operators to quickly enter the market.

Moreover, Bitcoin casinos attract a new type of players who would not join the traditional gambling platforms. Also, it is estimated that those who hold and use Bitcoins generally have high income and full-time employment, meaning that operators can be sure in stable revenues.

3. Entering new markets

Bitcoin casino will allow operators to attract players from countries where online gambling is somehow restricted, but Bitcoin is legal. Bitcoin casinos are top-rated among players who are allowed to gamble in offshore companies but have legal banking restrictions regarding money transfers. In this case, Bitcoin casinos seem to be the best and most suitable choice.

For instance, in the US, players in some states may have problems with depositing money as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act makes it illegal for American banks to approve gambling transactions. However, Americans are still allowed to gamble in offshore companies. As Bitcoin transactions are held without any intermediaries and don’t require approvals from financial institutions, Bitcoin casinos operators can offer their services to Americans.

4. Bitcoin status

Bitcoin is an innovative means of payment which attracts investors in 2019. Despite the coin’s price drop at the beginning of 2019, it has already recovered and keeps being the most popular cryptocurrency. As for May 2019, one BTC costs around $7.800. Moreover, according to the leading industry experts, BTC will reach over $9.500 by the end of this year. It means that the cryptocurrency is not losing its popularity and importance, making people buy and spend it.

As the experts predict the significant growth of the crypto gambling industry, starting a Bitcoin casino is worth considering. Today, creating a gambling platform with crypto payments is easier with Slotegrator’s solution – Bitcoin casino. It offers a secured server, all popular games integrated, and payment systems allowing deposits in all popular cryptocurrencies and fiat.

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