In analyzing events of the past year, Slotegrator team can say for certain that Bitcoin has been the most unpredictable and popular cryptocurrency. Its price has been fluctuating that often that analysts could not keep track of the course to render an accurate prediction. However, this did not prevent Bitcoin from taking an honorable place in the market, particularly in the gaming industry.

Recently, online casino owners increasingly overshadow the fiat money, giving preference to digital currency instead. Firstly, digital money is famous for its security. Secondly, it is used in different countries and has no restrictions on transactions.

Significant advantages of Bitcoin make it an optimal payment tool for the casino. Most of the gambling vendors have already switched towards cryptocurrency and appreciated its benefits. Therefore, it's time to figure out how crucial the Bitcoin casino will become in 2018.

Lack of control by authorities

Each operator strives to make its casino project attractive to gamblers. Thus, security plays a key role, because it is important for players to know that their transactions will not be controlled by authorities.

As it is known, Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that cannot be monitored and controlled by government authorities. It allows to conduct financial operations without hindrance and to keep their anonymity that is very necessary for gambling entertainment. And that means that Bitcoin casinos are going to be even more in demand and their number will significantly increase on the gambling market. At the same time, competition among such gambling houses will grow. Operators will have to look for new, more effective ways to promote their online business.

Fear of novelty

No doubt, not all modern gemblers are familiar with cryptocurrency and believe in its reliability. There will always be a group of players who prefer the usual payment systems and do not want to risk, discovering the innovations of digital technologies.

Taking this into account, Slotegrator experts agreed that traditional and Bitcoin casinos will coexist symbiotically in 2018. However, the latter may oust their competitors shortly.

Craving for permanence

In 2017, the Bitcoin exchange rate was changing in a matter of hours, causing heated discussions about its stability. Constant changes in the value do not allow it to take a stable position of the leader in the gambling market. However, Slotegrator experts believe that Bitcoin will become more stable cryptocurrency and its transactions will be processed much faster.

Thus, Bitcoin casino has every chance to become the most popular and profitable online project in the field of gambling in 2018.

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