Online Casino Employees: How to Recruit Specialists for Your Company

Apart from technical equipment, licensing, gaming content, and marketing campaigns, another important part of the gambling platform creation is recruiting online casino staff. Employees should drive the business further and communicate with your target audience on a daily basis. In this article, Slotegrator specialists share information about online casino experts you need to hire for your project development.

Online casino staff

The number of employees depends on a gambling company type, size, and needs. If an online casino is White Label where technical and financial support is provided by a platform developer, only a minimum of employees is needed: a manager, a technical customer assistant, and an accountant.

However, if an online casino is an independent project, more employees working in various departments will be required.

  1. Online casino manager. It is a key administrative position. He or she is responsible for the overall management, online casino staff, administration, business improvement, company development, and successful financial operation. It should be an experienced specialist with a good track record and recommendations. The main responsibilities are:
    • development and fulfillment of all policies to support the successful functioning of a casino;
    • customer services management by setting policies and targets;
    • cooperation with the finance department to ensure regulatory compliance and financial reporting;
    • creation of a partnership with third parties such as game developers and payment system providers;
    • monitoring competitors;
    • analyzing players’ preferences;
    • cooperation with marketing and advertising specialists to promote a casino.
  2. Technical support specialists. These experts ensure the website’s functioning without any interruption 24/7. They are responsible for technical equipment, secure data storage, and non-stop technical support. Therefore, this position requires experience, appropriate skills, and knowledge.
  3. Customer support service. Usually, there should be four customer support operators as three people get 8-hour shifts, and one specialist works on emergency situations. These employees must react quickly to any arising customer problem, especially regarding issues of wins withdrawals. Customer support specialists should treat users with respect and positivity.
  4. Accountant. The finance department is an essential part of any casino, as it is responsible for fund management. Accountants need specific knowledge and skills to work with banking and payment systems, as well as tax system understanding and the expertise in financial legislation.
  5. Promotion specialists. Online casinos need advertising experts, such as a marketing specialist, SEO specialist, and SMM specialist. Online casino promotion is a difficult task that requires knowledge and skills as the online environment is very competitive.
  6. Web designer. There are numerous gambling platforms, and users remember websites with attractive designs. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced specialist who will be able to provide a friendly interface for a gambling site.
  7. Lawyer. This specialist is needed to provide consultations on obtaining licenses, expanding the business to different countries, and deal with various legal issues, including players’ complaints and signing contracts.

This is the list of necessary employees to ensure the smooth operation of your gambling project.


If it is not necessary to keep all employees in the office, it is possible to hire remote employees or freelancers. This will significantly save the budget and attract highly professional specialists. Also, it is important to remember about signing non-disclosure agreements to ensure the confidentiality of information.


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