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A brand new look

December 29, 2021
1 min

We’re about to turn 10. We’ve been around the block, and we’ve seen a couple of things. We’ve established ourselves in the gambling industry as a leading developer and aggregator, and, in the last couple of years, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds. And we felt it was time to rethink ourselves.

We sat down and restated our vision, while remaining true to the values that took us all the way here. And to match it, we came up with a new brand identity: a new logo, a new look, and a new attitude.

Today, we’re proud to present it to you.

While retaining the iconic shield outline, the new logo better represents what Slotegrator is all about: dynamism.

We are open to new ideas, approaches, and strategies. We try new things and deliver innovative products. We spearhead new markets. That’s why we thrive in this incredibly fast-paced industry.

So we carved a fiery S out of the old logo. It folds onto itself like a silky ribbon, creating an effect of depth and elegance. And, at the same time, it takes the shape of a tornado, fast-moving and disruptive.

The ribbon motif will be used throughout our website and marketing collateral. It’s a shorthand for the new Slotegrator: at heart, we remain the same company, with the technology, knowledge, and experience to bring our clients to success. But we’re more focused, polished, and aware of our mission than ever before.

We accelerate your business. Let us show you.

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